Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hope's Decree (#1 The Fated) by Angela McPherson


The protagonist of this story is Trinity. Trinity is a seventeen year old girl, studying in high school and living a happy life.  But there is one thing that upset her every morning when she wakes up. A dream, that has been coming to her since childhood. The dream is really confusing and terrifying. Everything changes with the arrival of Blain, a handsome guy whom Trinity is falling for, but is trying to control her emotions. Trinity forms a confused relationship with Trevor, which results in their breakup.
Trinity's best friend, Crystal, makes a new boy friend, Morpheus. Trinity never feels comfortable around him. One day Blain saves Trinity from Morpheus, and then afterwards Blain explodes the reality to Trinity. Zeus had given a Pandora a 'box of wonders', warning her that she must not open it, but out of curiosity she opens it, due to which all the orbs come out of the box, and entered inside people making them cruel. It will end when a girl will be born with the essence of hope, and she will destroy the evil. Trinity is the one. 
Blain tells her about the powers, Watchers and Rouges. (They both become a couple in the end). Blain and hes sister, Melia are watchers. But, the twist comes here when it turns out that Melia is a rouge, and Morpheus changes into good guy and trains Trinity.
Now, Trinity has to destroy Melia, but Melia has her claws ready... What does Trinity's fate hold?


Romance, Fiction


Born and currently residing in Midland, Texas, Angela shuffles three busy children (not including her husband) all over the place. She works in a busy pediatric doctor's office as a nurse during the day, and writes at night. She is addicted to coffee–who isn’t? And firmly believes chocolate can fix all–especially chocolate ice cream. She laughs a lot, often at herself and is willing to try anything once (she thinks). When Angela isn’t rushing kids around, working or writing, she’s reading. Other than life experience, Angela turns to a wide variety of music to help spark her creative juices. She loves to dance and sing, though her kids often beg her not to.


Okay! So this book had some parts where I got bored but then there were parts where the story was gripping. I loved the concept of 'box of wonders'. It's different and unique. I really want to read the second book of The Fated series.

RATE: 4/5


"Nice and cool... Fast moving... McPherson ends with a bombshell."

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