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Interview With Lynette Creswell

Hi! Today we have Lynette Creswell on our blog. She is the author of The Magic Trilogy, The Witching Hour and The Generation Game. Let's know more about her...

What were you like at school.
I didn’t really fit in at school. I was very shy back then (not like now) and didn’t know how to mix with the other kids. I always had a vivid imagination so my writing was my salvation from a very young age.

What are your ambitions for your writing career.
I would love to be a household name, although this is probably unlikely. I believe you have to dream
big in order to achieve your goals.

So how many books have you written?
I have published four novels and two short stories. The novels are all written in the genre of fantasy
and are part of The Magic Trilogy however; one of the short stories called The Witching Hour is
actually a romance. The Generation Game (which is not available in print) has been made into a TV
programme which should be out in 2015.

Would love to watch the show. Now, Let's talk about your latest book. What is your latest book? Give an insight into your main character.
My latest book is called ‘Clump, A Changeling’s Story’ and is due out on the 22nd
Amazon Kindle. The main character is a Windigo, a changeling, called Clump. Windigos are seen as huge, hairy creatures by day and Timber Wolves by night. They tend to be quite vicious, eating immortals but Clump can’t stand the taste of flesh on his lips and if his tribe were to find out well ...

What does he do that makes it special?
What? Apart from not eating you? Well, Clump makes the story special in so many ways. He meets
lots of interesting characters and gets himself into some awkward scrapes. He is accused of leaving
his father to die and is sentenced to death. He escapes and this is when the story really begins to
unfold. Clump brings compassion and determination to the story and shows us that humility can
actually be found in monsters too!

What is the book about?
The book is primarily about Clump and his family, his adventures and how he changes the future and
the lives of his race.
“A race of monsters by day and ferocious timber wolves by night, the Windigos who live in 
the Red Canyon are formidable creatures. They survive by eating the flesh of the living but, oddly enough, there is one amongst them who cannot abide the taste of meat on his lips. His name is Clump and he’s the chief’s only son. Each night and under the cover of darkness he sneaks away to feed upon a multitude of wild berries and fruits. No one knows his terrible secret but his father, Serpen, is growing suspicious. Then one day, the Nonhawks, a vile species that likes to murder and maim, capture one of the tribe members, brutally disfiguring another. The victim is Brid, Clump’s sister, who is found abandoned in the plateau after suffering a beating which almost costs the young Windigo her life. Serpen organises a group of hunters to help save Horith, the son of his trusted advisor, from the clutches of the Nonhawk tyrant, King Forusian. After the pack makes its way inside the castle, events spiral out of control which lead to Clump being accused of abandoning his father and leaving him to die. Sentenced to death, Clump’s life changes forever when he is forced to flee his village. He soon embarks upon a magical journey where he will strike an unlikely deal with a witch, be saved by a Plainwalker and find a friend in an Elvin princess. Be prepared! This is a touching story of unlikely friendships, unexpected love and the most deadliest of betrayals.”

What genre do you write and why.
I write fantasy but I am learning to break free of my comfort zone.

How much research do you do?
Surprisingly, I do a lot of research. To make a story seem real, even if it’s a fantasy novel you need
to ensure you get as much information correct as possible. I research the actual mystical creatures,
read any fables or legends I can get my hands on, digest their features and delve into their habitat. I also research what plants grow in certain regions so that although it is a work of fiction there are some elements of truth running through it.

Why do you write?
Because the written word is part of who I am.

Do you write full time or part time?
I write whenever I can because I have to work full-time during the week.

Do you write every day, 5 days a week, or as and when.
I usually write at weekends or when I get home from work if time allows.

Do you write on paper or computer.
I write on the computer mostly but I do use my phone, iPad or any scraps of paper I can find. I even
have pieces of paper by my bedside so that if I have an inspiring dream I can write it down. I hate the thought of losing a new idea so I am always armed and ready wherever I am!

What is the hardest thing about writing?
Being alone and being away from your family for long periods of time. No one can help you as a
writer, it’s a lonely craft but if I’m honest this makes it easier to get absorbed into your own work.

What is the easiest thing about writing?
Creating a story and seeing your characters come to life. For me, I adore watching how the words
come alive, almost leaping off the page. One minute you can be reading, absorbed in the story and as happy as a lark and the next, you could be crying your eyes out. Writing is powerful stuff.

Do you ever get writer's block?
No never, I sometimes get stuck on how to plan a certain scene but I have good friends who I can
bash out an idea with and this is usually very fruitful.

Tell us about 'The Magic Trilogy'?
These books are based around the Kingdom of Nine Winters and surrounding realms. The story is about Crystal, a sixteen year old girl who finds she has magical powers. Unbeknown to her, she is raised by a woman who is not her real mother, she doesn’t realise that her natural parents are actually powerful immortals and that she was banished to live with the plain folk from birth after her parents broke the law. Banished by the Elders, Crystal is forbidden to return but as the years pass, the King of the Elves realises he’s made a terrible mistake and tries to bring Crystal back ...

How much do you read and who are your favourite authors?
I usually read before I go to bed. I have a very diverse list of authors which I enjoy from Charles
Dickens to Stephen King.

What book are you reading at the moment?
I’m reading ‘A Nightingale Christmas Wish’ by Donna Douglas.

Do you leave the book for a month and then come back to it to edit.
No, my time is too precious and I need to get the editing done as soon as possible so I can start on
the next project.

Do you think the cover plays an important role in the buying process?
Absolutely! Get it wrong and you don’t sell any books. It’s that simple.

Advice for other authors on how to market their books.
Use social media to meet other authors who will share their experiences with you. No writer can do
it alone and joining groups on Facebook will introduce you to people who will be willing to help with marketing and promoting your work.

What do you do to get book reviews?
I sell books! Sometimes, and it is very rare, I will send a reader a PDF copy of one of my books for a blog or interview such as this one, but on the whole my reviews are there on the merits of readers.

Do you have a trailer of any of your book?

Do you format your own books. 
No, I usually get the publisher to do it although saying that, because my new novel is only available
on Amazon Kindle I have done everything myself.

Your favourite motivational phrase. 
‘Mistakes are proof that you are trying’.

Your favourite book and why.
My favourite book is ‘Lady of Hay’ by Barbara Erskine. This book enthralled me when I was a
teenager and I have loved the story ever since.

Favourite film and why.
The Shawshank Redemption because it shows the main character winning over adversity.

Famous person you would like to meet.
Stephen King.

Advice for aspiring writers.
Be creative and believe in yourself. Write the way you want to write, don’t listen to anyone else when it comes to style. Sure there are certain rules of writing but be unique and you will go far.

Visit her here:
Twitter: @Creswelllyn
Amazon author page

Thank you Lynette for taking out your time for the interview. A small thing, Guys i went to 10th annual KIBF and bought two books. The Vampire Diaries: The Return-Night Fall by L.J Smith and Angels by Marian Keyes. Have you read them? Let me know...

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