Thursday, 6 November 2014

Interview With TL Smith

Today we have a momma author on our blog. Know more about her.

Introduce yourself.
My name is T.L Smith and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

What are your ambitions for your writing career.
My ambitions for my writing is that I will continue to love doing it as much as I do now. I hope that the readers love my characters as much as i loved writing about them.

How many novels have you written.
I have written two full length novels in my Dilemma series and four novellas.

What is your latest book.
My latest book is somewhat secretive, i plan to have a lot of twist and turns involved it. So if you would like to get an idea of what its about you can read the blurb on Good read. Its called Pure Punishment.

What genres do you write and what draws you to these genres.
My genres I mainly write are Romance to Suspense, I love to mix the two together.

How much research do you do.
My current WIP I have done so much research I think I could qualify as a specialist in the area I am writing about LOL.

Why do you write.
I write because I absolutely love to and I have characters in my head that don't shut up till i pull them out and put them on paper.

Do you write on computer or paper.
I write on my computer, sometimes though I will write on paper but mainly my computer. 

What time of the day do you write.
I have two children so I try to write when I can, I prefer to write at night time as its the most quietest time for me.

Hardest thing about writing.
For me the hardest part is in the middle of the book, I breeze through the beginning and end. But that middle part is the hardest, deciding which direction to take my characters. Because it always changes.

Is your new book a part of series.
My new book is a standalone and will be a full length novel.

How much do you read and who are your favourite authors.

I started as a reader first, I don't think there will come a day when i don't want to read. My fav authors consist of so many so I will just name a few. Tarryn Fisher, Tara Brown.

Your favourite book and why.
My Fav book of all time is Molly Macadams Taking Chances and followed by a close second is Beautiful Ink. 

Do you format your own books.
I try to get all my editing done as soon as I get my book back, with my formatting I also have a lady that does that as I am not computer savy.

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Thank you for taking some of your time for the interview. Happy Reading!

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