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Tainted Energy (#1 Energy Series) by Lynn Vroman

This story is narrated by Lena Montague (Protagonist), while some chapters are from Tarek Montague's point of view. This story revolves around an ordinary girl Lena, whose past is not ordinary. When strange things happens to her and when her dark past is revealed, will she be able to live with the person who has loved her for years? Will she be able to survive from the mastermind who is trying to kill her?

"Live every day and fight your fears."

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance

Born in Pennsylvania, Lynn spent most of her childhood, especially during math class, daydreaming. The main result that came from honing her imagination skills was brilliantly failing algebra. Today, she still spends obscene amount of time in her head, only now she writes down all the cool stuff.
With a degree in English Literature, she writes young adult novels, both fantasy and contemporary.

This story is about an ordinary girl, who is living with her mother and an abusive father. Lena's father beats her mother and Lena too. Lena lives in a very poor area. Zander and Wilma (school cafetarian and Lena's protector) are her best friends but later on Zander (Guide) becomes her boyfriend for some time. Lena works at her mother's friend Jake's theater. Lena likes watching scary movies because she thinks fear keeps people alive. She has been dreaming about a guy since she was small with dimples and grey eyes and she calls him, Him. The story starts with some suspense.
Lena is sitting with Zander watching Night Of The Living Dead. Zander walks out of the room to grab some more popcorn. On the screen a zombie is eating black and white brains. Suddenly the chair starts to suck Lena in and the arm rests grab her hands. Her voice starts to choke and she hears whispers. After much tries, at last she gets free and runs out of the room terrified. She shows Jake and Zander the bruises she has got but they only tell her to rest. Then after some days, Zander becomes Lena's boyfriend. Then one night, Lena's bed start to suck her in and she finds herself in a place where there are pink squids, white elephants, etc. Suddenly she starts to drown in the river but somebody saves her and the person is Wilma. When she wakes up, she finds herself wet in bed.
Now in this novel, as its fantasy and sci-fi, there are different dimensions where Guides, Protectors, and Wardens live and they are governed by Synod. So some dimensions mentioned are Exemplar, Arcus (this one is awesome) and Earth too. Protectors have the ability to guard and transport Guides so they can steal life. Guides steal life means soul-takers. Wardens hold the released energy until Guides are able to transport.
Tarek Montague's an exemplian and a Protector. Lena has been sent to another dimension by Synod because she got a Tainted. Now, Tarek is trying to find her. Mateusz, a protector and head of Synod's authority warns Tarek that some rouge is messing with Lena and he has to find Lena in one month before Cassondra's ( Head of dimension and research) pairing completes. At last he finds Lena in Earth dimension, but to his shock Lena doesn't recognize him. This means Synod has taken her memory and energy away to start her fourth new cycle (Life) here on Earth. Lena gets a shock when a guy like Him (Tarek) stands in front of her telling her that he was missing her so much. Wilma interferes and with her energy sends Tarek back to Exemplar. Lena gets crazy when she sees the powers of Wilma. Wilma explains some things about dimensions to her and later on, Wilma allows Tarek to meet her. He explains her everything and she gets a shock when she discovers about her past three lives. She also get to know that she and Tarek were lovers in their last two cycles. The chemistry between Lena and Tarek grows and she leaves Zander. It turns out that Casimir (Warden), Cassondra's  brother is trying to get his hands on Lena, and the rouge messing with Lena is Zander. Mateusz also betrays Tarek.
In between Love, betrayal, fights, can Lena survive? One will have to sacrifice for her, will her saviour be Wilma or Tarek?

The praise for the book is in the picture.

RATE: 4.7/5

This novel has some new spice and is a really good entry in the field of fantasy and Sci-Fi. The creativity of the author is really great. I love how she has made the concept of dimensions.
I would love to read the next book of the Energy series, which is planned to release next year.
I recommend this book to all the people who watch The Tomorrow People, Arrow and who also love Star Trek.
Happy Reading!

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