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Love Before Honor by Nicole Zoltack

This medieval novel is from Vanessa and Gerald's point of views. This book takes place in the year 1815. And surprise! Its another Zoltack's time travel.

"Love is always there. You just have to wait for the right moment."

Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, History

Nicole  Zoltack  loves  to write  in  many  genres, especially  romance, whether  fantasy, paranormal,  or regency. When  she’s  not writing  about  knights, superheroes,  or  zombies, she  loves  to  spend  time with her  loving  husband and  three  energetic  young boys.  She  enjoys  riding horses  (pretending  they’re unicorns,  of  course!)  and going  to  the  PA Renaissance  Faire, dressed in  garb.  She’ll  also  read anything  she  can  get  her hands  on.  Her  current favorite  TV  sho w  is  The Walking  Dead.  To  learn more  about  Nicole  and her  writing,  visit her blog.

So, this story is all medieval as the story starts from the year 1215. A Knight from Hanover, Sir Gerald loved a girl Alice and she loved him too. But then someone murders her and he gets to know that, Alice's sister Terese's husband Victor has murdered her. So to take his revenge, they arrange a dual, but at the time of dual Terese makes Gerald drink a tea and he falls conscious.
When he wakes up he finds himself in a strange place (actually 1815, he will find out this later). Lady Vanessa, daughter of Duke Honcaster, helps him and she lie to her parents that Gerald is her friend's husband Stefan's friend and that he is here for his study of medicine. Her parents let him stay as an act of charity. Vanessa's cousin Xavier arrives with his new wife, Lydia.
Lydia resembles Alice and Gerald gets close to her and shares his desire of going back to his past so that he can kill Victor. Lydia instead if thinking he is crazy like at first Vanessa thought, explains him that, some people can infuse their power in their teas or herbs and influence others with taseomancy. These people are called Taseomancers. She breaks out the bad news that it is impossible to go back as far as she knows. But Vanessa comes up with a solution. (Can't tell you what and how. Read by yourself).
Meanwhile, Vanessa has a wrong scandal on her due to which no one wants to marry her. Its precisely a concern for her and her parents. Only William wants her. William fakes in front of her parents that he cares about her and love her but what has he got for her in his heart, no one knows until you read the last chapters. Vanessa hates him but she has no option but to accept him.
Now, Will Gerald ever go back? In search of their true love, can Gerald and Vanessa ever find their soul mates?

RATE: 4.9/5

I loved the book. I love the way how Zoltack has written the story in such a historical way that I was literally travelling in the year 1815. I loved the so called 'traditions, games and celebrations' mentioned. Vanessa is my favourite character due to her strong character. This book of her is more awesome than ''The Test Of Time' (also by her).
I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.

"I would rather hack off my limbs first. I will love her before honor. I will honor her before adoration. I will adore her before all."

Published by Astrea Press.

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