Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hot Topics For Your Book Blog To Increase Traffic

Hiya booklings! Today instead of posting a review I want to share with you something different! I know just reading reviews and interviews on your blog sometimes makes your readers bored so I'll share some some bookish topics with you that'll surely increase your traffic and will be in the interest of your amazing readers!

* Write a 'Start A Book Blog Series': There's nothing more amazing than helping out someone who wants to share their love of books with the world but have no idea. Help a blogger out! ;)

* The Sizzling Diversity Topic: As much as Diversity has become such a big issue, you can participate by sharing your views with the world. In this way the post can be a discussion! A great way to engage with your readers! :)

* Book Blogger Problems: Just burst out all the problems along with gifs! ;)

* Libraries You Would Love To Visit: There are so many libraries around the world that are just eye candy. Share some awesome libraries and your readers will surely enjoy! <3

* Topics For Book Bloggers: Self Explanotory! :)

* FTC Disclaimer And Why Mention It: Although I don't write the disclaimer but I always mention the source. This is another awareness topic!

* Game Up Your Bookstagram: Your a bookstagram freak? Want to share some tips? Go for it!

* The ARCs Topic: You know the main thing? ;)

* Your Favourite Book Bloggers: Great way to start friendship with some awesome bloggers. <3

* Free Graphic Designs, Wallpapers And Templates: This may take some work but surely you'll get loads of traffic. Just try to Google some free templates and designs and share with the world. They'll love you forever for it! :*

Let me in the comments if you enjoyed this post! Have anymore ideas? Comment below! I'd love it! Plus I'd love it if you'd share this with other bloggers and help them out!

Happy Reading! <3

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