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Review Rant: Spirit Vision by Morgan Straughn Comnick

Release Date: 17, December, 2013
Publisher: Paper Crane Books
Pages: 316
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Publisher
Rate: 5/5


If God gave you a mission, would you answer His call?

The Lord has given Stary, a high school freshman, a mission: extinguish the evil residing in the murderer of two teens—Maren and Umbra. Stary never imagined that her strange visions meant that she was the Spirit Warrior for God and now with her powers activated, she must train to use them and try not to get caught by the murderer who has the ability to hide and conjure up the dark powers from the fallen angel himself—Lucifer. If Stary fails, not only will she lose her life, but Maren and Umbra will lose their entry into heaven and the world will be exposed to the madness of the murderer for the next forty years until the new Spirit Warrior is born. 


Spirit Vision is the first book in the Spirit Vision series by Morgan Straughn Comnick. This book was very lengthy so it took me 4 days to finish it. I have to say that this book was extra engulfing! Although the pace of the book was very slow, still it was perfect. So before all of my emotions explode, let me tell you little bit about it...
Stary is seeing some strange lights always zooming here and there. The twisted part is that Stary sees things that no one sees. Things are totally changing in Stary's life. Stary discovers that she's a spirit warrior and now she has the responsibility of finding the murderers of Umbra and Maren, so their souls can go at peace. But in between this mission, Stary finds herself falling for Umbra.
There is so much magic and emotion in this book. I have never read anything like this. The plot was very exciting and intriguing. The moments between Umbra and Maren were just so HEART-ACHING and I really wanted them to be a couple. I still can't get over this book!
The most interesting thing was obviously the girl Barabara. Because Barabara's behaviour had totally changed... she was all the time doing strange things... she had become skinny... pretty creepy! I myself was thinking of Barbara as the killer. Cally Sun was an annoying girly character. For a second I thought Cally Sun was gay and she had a crush on Stary. But then Umbra and Stary! * _ *
I enjoyed reading from Stary's POV. Stary is a really shy character.She was never boring once. The sudden twists and turns had made the story so much interesting. There were many funny scenes too. I loved all the friends of Stary, just #goals.
Morgan Straughn Comnick left us with no cliffhanger which is a good thing. The last pages were just so amazing. I was literally screaming OMG half the time. The ending was so perfect that I don't want to read book 2 now!
Overall, Spirit Vision was an amazing read. I'm glad that I finished this book real slow. Spirit Vision had magic, action and romance - Perfect. Share your opinions on Spirit Vision whether here or on Twitter or Facebook but don't forget to tag me! :)
Happy Reading! <3

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