Thursday, 2 June 2016

Random VB Junk Post | Mini Review Friday: Top 5 Beautiful Bookstagram Accounts | The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Hey guys! Random VB Junk Post is a weekly Friday post where I'll share some bookish stuff/discussions with you guys! Plus there will be a mini review on fridays too! Hope you enjoy my very first Random VB Junk Post!
I joined the bookstagram community last year but I have started taking pics seriously for it since last month! I have been enjoying this journey a lot and have discovered so many amazing and beautiful bookstagram accounts that'll make you yearning to shoot for your account! 😘

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Release Date: 10, January, 2012
Pages: 313
Genre: Romance, YA
Source: Borrowed
Rate: 3/5


Hazel is a lung cancer patient. Augustus is a cancer survivor. Hazel catches Augustus's attention since the first time he sees her. Their bond then starts like this *snaps fingers*. Like seriously so quickly. After that the story revolves around their passion of the novel "An Imperial Affliction" by Van Houten. Together they try to find out the ending and get a chance of meeting the amazing Houten. There life is pure adventure with so many obstacles. But But Buttt yes this book will make you cry out LOUD! Like crazy! Ok not like crazy but you will feel sadness! Green's writing style is very simple yet indulging at the same time. This is a great comfy emotional summer read. The romance is so light yet so cute. Augustus is everyone's dream best friend. Hazel is well the sarcastic cool cancer patient who will make you laugh till your stomach hurts! Highly recommended to all the teens who enjoy emotional reads! Be sure to have a tissue box! 
Happy Reading!

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