Sunday, 5 June 2016

In The Life Of VB #2

I can't believe it's my second post of In The Life Of VB! 😁 Hey and Salam (That's how we greet as Muslims 😝)! How has your week been? My week has been so relaxing! Last week was my zoology practical and I had to dissect a cockroach! 😑😵 Yes a cockroach! 😂 It was extremely dirty! Trust me I had to cut the wings then legs and then the whole crust and show the digestive system! 😭 But still the dissection went just okay! I guess my teacher never saw my cockroach! 😥 #notbusted. Whatever my next practical is of botany and it's on 10th of June and this month is actually one of my favourite months, Ramadan (a month in which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk)! But doing practicals while fasting at the same TIME... I DONT KNOW how I'm going to do it! 😥

Nothing special much happened in my life except again my plan of going to Dunkin' Donuts with Maryam (My best friend) got cancelled again because some of my bestie's relative has died! 😯

So again I saw another challenge on instagram and it got me really intrigued because the challenge was by a Pakistani bookstgrammer! I'm Pakistani in case you don't know! 😊 So if you guys want to do that challenge I'm posting a picture and link to the picture too! I won't be doing every single challenge because Ramadan's coming soon and I have three practicals too plus my studies for 12th grade (yeah my last year 😀) have started! I don't even know how I'm going to manage everything blogging, bookstagramming,reading, studying 😥 How do you guys take out time for reading? Share down in the comments with me! Plus don't forget to follow me on insta! @voraciousbookling

Tell me one thing ok just one thing! What's your favourite drink at Dunkin' Donuts? I don't know if I have the same drinks available as you guys but my friend recommended me Alsaka Supreme and Vanilla shake! So if you guys have ever heard good things about these drinks or tried these drinks let me knowww!! 😊

I have started watching Empire again and OH MY I stayed up late till 3:30 AM because I COULDN'T STOP! Do you watch it because you need too! This show is so damn addictive! 😍

Plus point! I actually listened to songs on YouTube instead of binge watching Nikki and Gabi's videos! Have you heard Cheap Thrills by Sia???!?! 😣 OMG! *controls* IT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! I MEAN LIKE I WHERE I DONT HAVE WORDS! The only song I've heard of Sia is Chandelier and I used to be badly addicted to that song! And now it's Cheap Thrills! It's just... no words! 💖💖👍✌

I also went at my cousin's! It was great fun and I enjoyed a lot! She has also just given the exams for 10th grade! We are planing to go at the beach! Let's see! 😶

So guys how has your week been? Share down with me in the comments! DO check out the blog tomorrow! I'll be posting the interview with the author Lauren Gibaldi! :)

Happy Reading!

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