Saturday, 21 May 2016

Review Rant: Four's A Crowd by Maria Bradley

Four's A Crowd
Maria Bradley
Release Date: 12, November, 2012
Pages: 210
Genre: Crime
Source: Author
Rate: 4/5

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Jack didn't have a good start in life. At 17 he is homeless, mixed up with the evil drug dealer known as Ger and living in a world where he doesn't belong. Enter; Chairman, the charismatic and fun-loving tramp with a swanky, up-town accent who hasn't a clue who he is! After rescuing the spirited gypsy girl, Sky from an attempted abduction they are plunged into a murder mystery and adventure beyond their imagination! While unravelling Chairman’s forgotten life and searching for Sky’s lost mother, Jack reveals his incredible gifts. Sky discovers her photographic memory and Chairman’s real identity involves them with a narcissistic neuroscientist intent on splitting everyone’s soul and controlling the minds of everyone he experiments on. Will they discover the truth? Will they escape the lunatic scientist and ultimately stay together? Will they survive the mind-blowing explosive adventure that becomes their life? 


Four's A Crowd is the debut novel of Maria Bradley and first book that I have ever read by this author. Maria Bradley's writing style is totally love! She has written the novel in such an entertaining way that you'll fall in love with the book. She's that author who knows the art of making a reader engrossed.
Sky is my most favourite character. She is a poor girl, living a street life with her mother. When her mother gets kidnapped a troubled guy Jack helps her. Sky is helping Jack to find the person who has done some brain damage thing to Chairman. This means action. Jack is a very brave character who fought the evils with his amazing courage.
Sky is a very sarcastic character. Helping Jack in finding the kidnapper of Chairman was a total new experience for Sky. Sky was better than Jack in every way, and Jack is total dumb in front of her. And the evil doctor was Cinderella's stepmother. Oh God! Just read this novel and you will totally get engulfed.
The romance was just 0.5%. The author has focused more on action and mystery than romance. As the story ends with a cliffhanger, I am really excited to read the sequel! Four's A Crowd is filled with action, crime and mystery. If you like to read crime novels, then don't forget to add this book to your TBR pile.
Happy Reading! <3

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