Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back To Blogging | New Name | New Design

Hey guys! Haniya's back with her blog, Books And Authors Spot, Oh sorry I mean Voracious Bookling! Yaaasss! I have changed my blog's name from Books And Authors Spot to Voracious Bookling! The Reason: Well! Just before my exams were going to start I don't know how blogging goals started coming up in my mind! And that actually started boosting me up! so just after my exams, I started to think about stepping up my blog and bookstagram (Instagram+Books) game! And these thoughts led me to start everything again! So after doing loads of research and thinking I decided that Voracious Bookling is going to be my blog's name from now on! I don't know how I came up with it! Literally I was just writing down random words and this name formed up like 😂! So... yeah!

About the blog design I still think it's not that awesome but I wanted a nerdy logo and than again I was using the super cool app Aviary, that has a HUGE hand in making the logo plus PicsArt too when this logo somehow got created! The background is by my bae... Blogger 👓!

I have thought a lot and now i'll really start paying some much needed attention to my blog! My blog has never been a burden on me, I have always taken it as a fun part time job! Trust me Blogging is my boyfriend it's my bae!

So Guys, what are your thoughts on my new blog design plus name! Don't forget to hit me up in the comments section! Love ya all! And yeah the URL will remain the same as it's not changing!

Happy Reading! <3

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