Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Chosen by Sheenah Freitas

Series: Zincian Legend, #1
Release Date: 20, December, 2011
Pages: 220
Genre: YA fantasy, Sci-fi
Publisher: Paper Crane books
Source: Publisher
Rate: 3.3/5


Kaia's entire life has erupted in flames after an assassin appears and burns her village down. She's rescued by a god from another planet who requests her help because she's the descendant of their last savior. Together with Reeze -- the only other survivor from her village and her appointed guardian -- they set off on a quest to find the treasures of the gods in hopes of preventing a dire prophesy.

Kaia and Reeze quickly meet the Tueors, a group of people many thought extinct, who are searching specifically for Kaia. Their intention: to protect the truth. As Kaia discovers more about the truth and her family's past, she also learns of the Tueors' bloody secret. Will Kaia be the savior the gods have been waiting for? Or will she let the prophesy come true?


Another mermaid book. One of the good things in the book is the mystery. I loved the world, Aquabella and the whole Kaia and Reeze mystery. The plot had some suspenseful scenes too, which were amazing. 
I was very eager to know the future of Kaira. The voice inside her head had totally made her mad, but it was an incredible guidance. The voice was anonymous until the end! The story was very smooth and not complicated. I loved the friendship between Catrina and Kaia. Catrina was another interesting character. 
Sheenah's writing style is very fascinating, and fans of YA mermaid books would love it. 

Happy Reading! <3

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