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Lunar Ryce, Soul Saviour by Melissa J. Rutter

Series: The Sheol Legacies, #3
Release Date: 15, December, 2014
Pages: 212
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Author
Rate: 4.3/5


Living with her choice is breaking her heart. Lunar cannot just move on and forgot who she had to leave behind and neither can she live with the choice she had to make. Everyone around her is trying to help her see that she has to move on, but she can't, not when the night comes with its never ending nightmares as if that fateful day is on repeat in her head, she can't let it go. Sheol is desperate for her to return to work, souls need collecting and life needs to return to normal. The only thing she is certain of is her love for Elias and though its forbidden, she will find a way for them to be together. Debts have to be paid and when an innocent is stolen, ripped from their hands, revenge seems the only way forward, but what of her love, what of her destiny? Sheol needs her, but her choice has been taken away...for Lunar, time is running out


Lunar Ryce, Soul Saviour is the third book in author Melissa J. Rutter's The Sheol Legacies series. This book again was very amazing! This time, Lunar has to get Jax back from Charon, and Elias is still trying to get blessings for himself and Lunar from the Elders. Lunar is living with Mika now, but there are again loads of weight on her shoulders. Lunar has to collect souls, confront Charon and get Jax back from him. Soul Saviour is basically about Lunar's constant sacrifices for her loved ones.
Most series have a different plot in every book of their series. But this doesn't apply on this series! Which is a good thing! We see how Lunar is struggling since book 1 and Elias is still trying to get blessings from Elders. The writing style - hands down! Amazing! The author has written about Lunar in such a way that I felt myself totally connected to her.
And again all the charming boys are after Lunar. There is Elias - the one she (I hope) is meant to be with and the other is Jax, whose feelings towards Lunar are more than best friends. I can't decide who she should be with! Why? Why!! *sobs*
I have a complaint too.. There were so less Lunar and Elias moments, that I started to get irritated. I was like, 'they are not going to be together'! I hope the last book will fill up this complaint!
I need a change in the cover! This cover has always been the same since book 1! So it needs a desperate change!!
Soul Saviour was again awesome, and I'm really looking forward for the fourth book, Soul Redeemer! I rate it 4.3! Don't forget to share your opinions about this book!!
Happy Reading! <3

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