Saturday, 20 June 2015

ARC Review: Anya And The Shy Guy by Suze Winegardner

Series: Backstage Pass, #4
Release Date: 16, July, 2015
Pages: 240
Genre: YA Romance 
PublisherEntangled Crush 
Source: Publisher 
Rate: 4/5


It’s always the quiet ones…
Anya Anderson doesn’t just need a big break, she needs any break. Living on the streets doesn’t leave a girl many options, so when she scores a gig reporting on the Seconds to Juliet tour, she jumps at the chance to earn enough money to sleep somewhere safe. And the paycheck will get bigger—and keep her off the streets for good—if she can dig up dirt on Will Fray, the irritatingly hot “shy guy” of the band. 
Problem is, Will Fray isn't who everyone thinks he is. In fact, he’s not Will at all. Matt, Will's identical twin, is actually the guy onstage, reluctantly covering for his brother while he’s in rehab. To make matters worse, Matt’s being shadowed by a cute reporter with troubled eyes determined to get the scoop. On him. And he's having trouble finding the willpower to keep his distance…
But if the secret gets out, it won't just be his head on a platter—it’ll be the whole band’s. 
This Entangled Teen Crush book contains steamy make out scenes, graphic language, and a love story so hot your copy may spontaneously burst into flames. You’ve been warned.


Anya has to find the deepest secret of Will Fray, the shy guy of Seconds 2 Juliet. A homeless girl who will do anything to accomplish the job given to her for money. The Shy member, Will/Matt when meets Anya, chaos starts. Will/Matt realizes that his secret is going to get revealed soon. This secret could take everything away from him. 
I was so excited to read this book, and I was again in love with the cover. This story is totally epic. This story revolves around the struggle of both Anya and Will/Matt. I enjoyed this book very much but there were some downfalls too. 
The good things... As the story is narrated by both Anya and Will/Matt, we get to know their feelings for each other. There were some scenes that took me back to the memories of Daisy And The Front Man.. Suze's writing style is so beautiful and you become totally stuck in the author's trance. The cliffhanger bombs were another reason that made this book unputdownable. The romance is super-duper swoon-worthy. The last pages were the best and my favourite. 
The bad things... The book is not much interesting and slow during the first 100 pages. I found the story short and I wanted to read more. There was not much S2J brotherhood this time sadly. 
The Will/Matt idea was good. So many emotions were bubbling up inside me. All the while I was like, "Matt! Just spill you identity pleaseeeeeee!"
Talking about characters... Anya is a cool and homeless girl. I liked the fact that Anya is not described as barbie doll because every female protagonist is usually a barbie doll. And yup Anya is attracted to a super cute guy whom she is also supposed to get the secret from. Matt (actually he is Will's twin) is totally not shy and devoted to his family but it saddened me that he had to hide the 'act' from Anya that he's not Will. Actually no one except Trevin knows that Will is in rehab so his twin, Matt has taken his place as he looks like Will and can sing very well. Matt can't reveal his identity beacuse if the secret got revealed, L.J (Band's Manager) will fire Will and their whole family will be homeless. This 'Will/Matt Act' is so much intriguing. The way both Anya and Matt were battling their feelings for each other, in the end love wins. 
THE ENDING!! OMG!!!! *throws the pillow and cries* How can you end the novel so quick? Such an amazing ending! I am really excited to read the next book!! 
Overall I loved it. One point minused for the slow and not so interesting start but the remaining four points for the speechless writing style, cliffhanger bombs and the last pages. Do read it if you like romance books with happy ending! 
Happy Reading! <3

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