Monday, 4 May 2015

TIED by Laney McMann

Series: Fire Born Trilogy, #1
Release Date: 9, Sept, 2013
S.R.P: $12.49 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781937744304
Pages: 286
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Mythology
Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing
Source: Author
Rate: 5/5


Normal people don’t believe their nightmares stalk them. They don’t fall in love with boys who don’t exist, either.

Seventeen-year-old Layla Labelle, though, is far from normal. Her delusions walk the earth. Her hallucinations hunt her, and her skin heats to a burn every time her anger flares.

Or is that all in her head?

Layla doesn’t know what to believe any more because if none of that’s true, Max MacLarnon must be an illusion, and her heart must still be broken.

No matter how much she wants to believe Max is real, doing so would mean everything else is, too. How, then, is that possible?

The answers lie in an age-old legend the supernatural aren’t prepared to reveal, and with a curse that could tear Layla and Max apart forever—if it doesn’t kill them both first.

In TIED, book one in the Fire Born trilogy, learning the truth will mean fighting an arsenal of demons, and being with Max will put Layla on a path toward her own destruction.

Just how far will Layla go to protect the one she loves?

The answer may never be far enough … away.


I definitely loved the plot and the writing style. I finished this book within 24 hours!!
The title is really catchy. The cover itself is amazing! After reading the book I was like 'what already? '. Okay, so the first bits of the story are not very easy to understand, but once you do, you'll have no problems. The book ended sadly with a cliffhanger. Some parts of the story are complicated, while I think that the protagonist, Layla's life is going to more complicated in the next book. Laney McMann has amazed me. There are loads of emotions in the story and McMann has written them beautifully. My heart was crying at the end of the story, as I didn't wanted Layla's sacrifice to go in vain, but the rest will be revealed in the next book of this trilogy.
I wanted the character of Layla's mother more. I also wanted Benny involved too. Sam is the character I hated the most, as he came out to be a traitor. I loved the tied bond between Layla and Max.
Don't hesitate and grab this must-read!! I recommend this series to all YA fantasy readers. Laney McMann is going to release the third book of the trilogy, and I am damn excited to read the second book, Torn. I guess Laney McMann is officially in my list of favourite authors!
Happy Reading! <3

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