Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Goodbye A672E92 Quintus by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Series: The Peers Of Beinan (Prequel novella)
Release Date: ​2, July, 2014
S.R.P: $2.99
ISBN: 9781310017568
Pages: 64
Genre: Paranormal, Science fiction, Fantasy
Source: Author
Rate: 3.3/5


Planet A672E92 Quintus is falling apart -- literally and figuratively as the A672E92 sun dies, threatening to envelope the planet and kill everyone in it -- if its people do not finish themselves off before their sun does. As blood feuds continue to rage, it falls to two unlikely delegates from houses Balister and Miyoo to end the wars threatening planetary evacuation, to take the people to the stars and their new home. A Peers of Beinan Series novella. QR Indexed for use with smartphones. Interlaces both Good-Bye A672E92 Quintus with the older flash fiction story, "The First King"


I found the book really unique, people who are figuring out a way to travel to another planet as theirs is no more safe. But once I dived in the book, I realized that there are loads of things missing, i.e, description, background story etc... I needed some more action, description, background stories of the main characters.
The characters were really difficult to understand as I knew nothing about them. The story was unique but I couldn't connect myself with the protagonist. As the story was written short, I didn't quite felt the story.
Happy Reading! <3

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