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There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sachar

THERE'S A BOY IN THE GIRL'S BATHROOM:                                                                                                                                                                 Hi guys! Sorry i was supposed to write this review yesterday but my cuz is going to marry and i am all busy. So still i am not free but i love books. K this book of which i am going to give you a review was published in 1987. Pretty old huh! But i really don't care! Cuz it's still a book. Ma friend bought it from a book fair. When i saw the title i thought the book would be like really funny sort of! But actually it isn't!
        The title comes from the scene when the main character Bradley accidentally enters in the girl's bathroom. Pretty embarrassing! Girls screaming blah blah! This story is about a kid who is hated by his whole class plus his teacher too! So he sits at the last seat and no one sit beside him until a new kid came at school Jeff Fishkin from Washington DC. He had to sit with him in the last seat beside Bradley Chalkers as there was no seat left. He tried to befriend him but like every body he failed. Actually when i was reading this book i found Bradley the most nerdiest person ever. He did stuff  like some abnormal person. Huff!
        Bradley's school hires a new counselor, Carla. OK i forgot to tell you that Bradley is a really big liar. His teacher had called at his home to report about his lack of concentration and lack of submitting home work on time and about his tests too. His mother asked him as how were his studies going and he answered great and  also told his mom that his teacher is thinking of making him class president. His mother wished it was true. Well when his family sat  together he told his father that mother had promised her to take her to zoo at 11 o clock, the same time in which parent teacher meeting was going to begin. Well his mother told his father he's lying and Bradley's father scolds him and he ran towards his room angrily.
       Well, he also has a collection of animals like lion, donkey etc... He speak with them in his mind and they think about him as their hero. Next day, when Bradley's mother meets his teacher she told her to meet Carla. Carla gave her papers to sign an agreement allowing kid to meet the counselor. Carla was excited.
        Now in next chapters, you will be shocked as how Carla changed a naughty, mean and liar guy into a gentleman. How he started to submit his homework on time and how he mad e friendship with every one and started to get gold stars next to his name. But this novel has sad and happy ending both. Sad part is that Colleen's mother (Colleen has a crush on Jeff and actually Jeff too) became angry on Carla for telling Jeff and colleen about Zen Buddhist Monks and for counselling colleen without permission although that wasn't Carla's fault. So Carla was fired and and she became a kindergarten teacher. Carla gave Bradley a package which contained his favorite book on which he had written his first book report by himself and got a gold star.He wrote him that she will miss him. He became upset and sent him his favorite toy rabbit, Ronnie and wrote her back telling about her how he enjoyed colleen's birthday party and he will miss him. Good part is Bradley became a real nice guy to every one's astonishment.
           I recommend this book to all the teachers, principles, school counselors, and soon-to-be-teachers. This book will tell you how to deal with kids like Bradley Chalkers. Carla is really a good inspiration. I will rate this book 10/10!


"A humorous and immensely appealing story...Readers are likely to come away with the sense that they've been rooting for themselves too"--Kirkus.


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