Sunday, 8 June 2014

Double Act By Jacqueline Wilson

         Hi! Back again! Today i have a review of a children's story. I don't like children's story but this one is very amusing and fun filled. Its by really famous writer Jacqueline Wilson. Same writer who wrote Girls series. Well, This story is about two 10 year old twins Ruby and Garnet. Their mother had died and now they live with their granny and dad. They both are really close even though they have a lot of differences. Ruby is confident and wants to be an actress.While Garnet don't like acting and is also not confident. The girls found an empty accounts book and you will find them alternately narrating the story.
         Their father gets a new girlfriend Rose and a job. Ruby and Garnet hates her. They think that her father is betraying their late mother by loving her and at last their granny shifted in another house in the country. And ruby and Garnet were going to miss her yummy dishes. Ruby and garnet with their father and Rose shifted in a village where they were admitted in a new school. There they were bullied by bullies and Ruby fought with them they both threw mud at the boys which got them in trouble.
         In school Garnet makes a new friend and Ruby got jealous so Garnet left that girl and they never talked to anyone in the class cuz they were best friends. The twins find an article about auditions for Twins at St.Clare's. Ruby is desperate for auditions and want to go but Garnet and their father are not in the favour. Ruby sold her doll and stuff and with the money they got, they ran to London quietly for the auditions. They waited for their turn to act. Ruby gave an excellent act but just as garnet was about to start their father came and Granet became nervous and didn't spoke.
          Next summer, Ruby got to knew that the  place where the movie was going to be shooted was Marnock Heights, an expensive boarding house for girls. So the girls wrote a letter for the scholarship there and the principal told her that there is only one scholarship left. So they sat for a test and garnet got the scholarship. Ruby was confident that she would get it. She became heart broken. Ruby breaks up with garnet and stopped talking to her. And ruby ended up cutting her whole hairs.
            They didnt talked to each other whole summer. Ruby realizes that they both can't be happy by doing same things. Everyone is different even twins. Rose became friendly with Ruby and encouraged her to apologize to Garnet. In the end Ruby apologize garnet and they realize they can be happy apart too as long they love each other.


  1. Fav Chapter?
  2. Flaws in the book?
  3. Rate out of 10?
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