Sunday, 22 June 2014

Divergent By Veronica Roth

This novel takes place in an post-apocalyptic Chicago in which the people are divided in to five factions. Abnegation for the selfless, Candor for the honest, Amity for the peaceful, Erudite for the intelligent, Dauntless for the brave. When the teens reach the age of 16, an aptitude test is taken for which faction is for them and after receiving the result they decide that what faction they should choose.
            16 year old Beatrice Prior is born in an abnegation family. Her aptitude test results were inconclusive and she got three factions Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless. Tori the tester told her that she is divergent and she should never share this information with any one. On choosing ceremony she selects Dauntless while her brother Caleb selects Erudite. During her initiation she changes her name to Tris.
            Initiation is divided in three stages She learns how to handle guns and the usage of knives. Being physically weak she gets 6th position by beating Molly. Her enemy Peter gets jealous of Edward the first positioner and he stabs him in the eye while he was sleeping. On parent visiting day Tris finds out that her mother was originally born in Dauntless. The Erudite released a report on Marcus, Abnegation leader for beating his son who transferred to Dauntless two years ago. Tris befriends some Dauntless born initiates Uriah, Lynn and Marlene.
          Stage one ends and 2 starts. Simulations which force the initiates to face their fears. Tris was divergent so she knew she was in a simulation while the others cant so she got 1st position. Later peter, drew and al threatened her and was goin to throw her into the chasm but Four interrupts. Al begged to Tris for forgiveness but she didnt and he commits suicide.
          So stage two ends here and final stage start, Fear lansdcapes. In this stage the person's fear are gathered in one simulation. They must use their skills which they learned to fight their fears. During this stage Tris's relationship with Four grew and he lets her inside her fear landscape. She learns his real name Tobias. And also finds out that his father is Marcus, Abnegation leader who is accused by Erudite for beating up his son.
          Tris's overcomes her seven fears in her landscape. Before the Official initiation Four invites Tris to his apartment where tells him about her feelings.
          During the night,the ceremony serum induces a simulation and all the dauntless were ordered to attack the abnegation. The serum didnt work on Tris and Tobias cuz they were divergent. After reaching abnegation compound they tries to run away from the compound. Tris got shot and they were both captured by Erudite. Jeanine injects Tobias with a serum and she orders him to be sent back to dauntless compound. Tris wakes up and discovers  herself  in a tank filled with water but her mother rescue her. Tris discovers her mother's divergent but her mother dies. Tris kills will who was under the simulation and was going to kill her so she had to shoot him.
         She finds Caleb, Marcus and her father in the safe house and goes with them to Dauntless compound to stop the simulation. Tris's father dies while clearing her way to control room. Tris find mind controlles Tobias there who starts to attack her. Tris surrenders that she cant kill him and he became free. He helps her to shut down this simulation. they with marcus, caleb and peter goes towards amity compound.........


“A memorable, unpredictable journey from which it is nearly impossible to turn away.”—
-Publishers Weekly (starred review)


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