Sunday, 5 August 2018

How I Accidentally Started My Book Blog

Hi Guys! Today I wanted to share a mini story about how I accidentally started my book blog. This was the evening of 30 May, 2014. I don't really remember how I actually discovered Blogger... :p I had no idea what a book blog was.

I just randomly started ranting about myself & OH MY GOD that post was so embarrassing. It's still up on my blog & IT'S JUST SO BAD! 🙈

Nonetheless, I felt like a legend after posting it... XD Dumb ME!!!

After that I started posting my book reviews & GUESS WHAT!! Instead of writing how the plot, characters & writing in the book was like... I wrote the whole plot in the review . ______ . Like I just used to write what happened in the books including the ending too... Me looking at my old posts like:

After that I made a Twitter account & discovered more book blogs.I thought I was the only book blogger in the whole world.. :) 

I have come a long way now lol.. Learnt so much stuff!! It's just funny thinking about my funny past blogging self :D

Tell me guys! How did you all actually started book blogging? Were you dumb as me too? 🙈 (I don't think so lol XD)

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