Sunday, 28 January 2018

Review Rant: Torn Pages by Lara Zuberi

Release Date: 1, January, 2018
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 274
Genre: Contemporary
Source: Author
Rate: 5/5


The protagonist, Saman, is a Pakistani girl living in the slums of Karachi, who gratefully embraces the opportunity of education that arrives at her doorstep. While studying in the library, she meets a young medical student, Aman, whom she eventually promises to marry. Circumstances cause them to separate, but they are unable to forget each other.

Belonging to a family in which no one else can read, Saman becomes a fearless writer, who knows that her words have the power to set paper ablaze. Years later, she picks up her pen, and writes the story of herself and Aman. Titled The Story of Us, her novel reaches Aman’s bedside, when his wife Sasha gives it to him as an anniversary present. Aman is then forced to confront his past, which he has left behind twenty years before, burying it beneath his intense pursuit of a brilliant neurosurgical career.

She spends two decades running after memories of their time together, as he spends the same running away from them. Aman and Saman remain in each other’s eyes—he as the sparkle in hers—cherished and welcomed, and she as the sand in his—gritty and blurring.

The story touches on the spirit of sacrifice, the pursuit of education amidst poverty and social constraint, the toil of surgical training in a foreign country, the devastation of marital discord, the grief of childlessness, and the power of love. Torn Pages is a novel about finding resolution and completing a story that was left unwritten twenty years ago. 


This beautiful story revolves around Saman & Aman. Saman is from a very poor and uneducated family. Aman is an orphan and a medical student. When Aman sees Saman for the first time in the library, their love story starts... but will they ever be together?
THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE BOOK. It's so intense and emotional and beautiful and oh my lord, how many times I have cried while reading it. As both were Pakistani characters, the book felt more relatable. Zuberi's writing style is EXTREMELY AMAZING LIKE CRAZY GOOD. I was hooked. It felt so great to see how Saman's life changes after getting education. Due to some circumstances, when Saman & Aman part their ways, Saman writes a novel about their story, The Story Of Us which ultimately becomes a hit. Wish I could talk more, but then spoilers spoilers.
Overall, A BEAUTIFUL, EMOTIONAL AND HEART WARMING READ. UNPUTDOWNABLE. You all need this book in your life :)

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