Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Liebster Award Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Niamh for the Liebster Award Tag! She asked me some questions which I'll be answering in this post plus I'll be tagging 11 bloggers in the end of the post and ask my 11 questions & so the cycle goes on.... ♡

Do you use Instagram alongside your blog? If so does it help your views?

I do use instagram along with my blog (I'd love it if you'll follow me @voraciousbookling)! I don't really think it helps with my views. My most of the traffic comes from Twitter.

Do you have a schedule or do you post as and when you can? What is your reasoning behind it?

I used to have a schedule and I used to follow it strictly but my life has become so busy as this year will be the year when I'll be choosing my uni so there's no schedule anymore. :( I'll be back properly from December 2017.

Do you have any blogs you read religiously? If so who are they?

Aaahh!! First of all I love all the lovely people who regularly comment on my blog!!! I love reading their blogs & content! You all are super bomb! ♡ Shoutout to Blodeuedd & Anna for regularly updating their blog plus Diva Booknerd too as her reviewing style is LOVE & lovely Avalinah as she's really fun to talk to ♡

Have you attended any blogger events? If so what were your thoughts? If not are you wanting to attend any?

OMG! I so wanna attend a blogger event but there are really less bloggers in Pakistan so no blogger events sadly!

When did you start blogging? 

I started this blog in May 2014! It used be so embarrassing! Crappy English lol :D with no idea of book reviewing!

If you could befriend any celebrity/ blogger/ influencer who would you befriend?

I would love to meet all my fellow book bloggers & all the people I have befriended on Twitter & Instagram. A really big list :D

What is your ultimate goal in life?

I want to have a good career & have all the publishers send me ARCs :D & also to visit BEA & YALC.

What book/ movie have you most recently read/ watched?

The book that I recently read is Broken Branches by M Jonathan Lee & it's been a long time since I'v watched a good movie.

Where would you like to live the most?

I would love to live in my homeland forever!

What is your dream holiday?
Some place, Shopping, me, books, Best friend!!!

Do you have a bucket list? What are you working towards?

At the moment, my ultimate goal is to get in a good uni and make a career. 

Here are my questions:

* Why did you start book blogging?
* What kind of diverse characters do you wanna see in novels?
* You're book blogging goals?
* Have you ever been to a book bloggers event or book signing? How was your experience? 
* You're favourite bloggers?
* Your favourite book to movie adaptation?
* How old is your blog?
* What to you love the most: Instagram or Twitter?
* You're views about Instagram's algorithm? 
* What attracts you the most: book cover or synopsis?
* Something that you want to confess to publishers or authors?

I Nominate:


Diva Booknerd

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