Sunday, 9 July 2017

Let's Talk About Blogging Routine & Organizing It!

Hi Booklings! Haniya here! My life is so much in chaos right now. I always have to try real hard to have a balanced and organized life. Balancing studies, reading and blogging has become hard for me. After searching for so many articles I learnt some stuff about organzing blogging life and I try really hard to follow them. So here we go:

My recent notebook

I am a big notebook hoarder. I love to plan but honestly I 80% of the time only do 40% of the stuff written on my To-Do list. I become so excited when I'm planing and end up doing so less and procrastinating more XD It's honestly really annoying cause I love organizing and it sucks when I don't accomplish atleast 80% of the list. Honestly my life without planing is zero. I write down everything in my notebook from blog posts ideas to my shopping lists to study schedules.
Then there are apps like Evernote, Blogger and many apps resembling these. I honestly prefer notebooks/planners over apps cause there is something about the feel of pen and paper. There's something so exciting about planing out your whole day and brainstorming your blog posts with a pen and paper. I legit planned this whole blog design to my icon names to sidebar on a piece of paper of my notebook.
Talking about my blogging life, it becomes hard for me to balance everything. I literally used to have so much time for blogging and reading but not anymore.
As soon as I finish a book I try to review it immediately or within 2-3 days. I'm planing to follow this new blogging routine:
  • A book review
  • Some bookish post 
  • Interview with someone interesting 
I had planned to post something like 'what happened in my life this week' kinda post but nothing interesting really happens in my life honestly XD I want to try to include more posts other than book reviews. Let's be honest, a book blog full of book reviews isn't really interesting. It's fun to see cover reveals, interviews, giveaways, so I'll try to improve my content.

I would love to hear how you guys organize your blogging life and would love to know your blogging routine! 
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