Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Review Rant: Mirror's Hope by Justine Alley Dowsett

Series: Mirror Worlds, #1
Release Date: 13, November, 2013
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing
Pages: 326
Genre: Fantasy
Rate: 5/5

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Kind-hearted Mirena Calanais is an outcast in a world where common morality is reversed. She desperately wishes to bring about change and she's given her chance when the 'Avatar of the Light' appears in her bedroom in the middle of the night. Their romance begins, but is tested when Mirena decides that the best way to take on the tyrant who rules their society is to seduce him. Risking it all to get what she wants, Mirena realizes too late that everything has a price and sometimes that price is more than one person can pay alone. 


This book is unputdownable guys. The epic-ness of it!! This is the book with the amazing plot. This is the book that I finished during 24 hours. I LOVED this book.
This book is heartaching you'll cry. I was just sad throughout the novel. There were some swooning but sad moments too between Mirena and Hope. The sudden breakup of this duo was so sad. All the sacrifices that Mirena made to finish the Panarch,in the end I was just mad at Mirena for her darn sacrifices.
The most amazing thing was the Mirror World, where there are copies of the people living under the Panarch's rule but opposite in nature. Mirena's sister is pure sweetheart in the Mirror World which was pretty disturbing. I hated Caraline the most, she was a big twist too. Dipaul should get the title of 'Cruelest Villian Alive'. There were so many engulfing things in the book.
Although there were hundreds of difficulties in Mirena and Hope's relationship, still they had their moments. There were some lovely dialogues that Hope said to Mirena which were making my heart pound like crazy.
You will find yourself totally in love with Hope! Because I really liked his character. I felt like the story was short and should have been more long but still this book was worthy with loads of crying scenes. A prrfect full of actions book!
Happy Reading! <3

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