Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Review Rant: Littleville Uprising by S.G Lee

Series: Journal Of The Undead #1
Release Date: 12, November, 2014
Publisher: Parataxis Publishing
Pages: 368
Genre: Horror, Zombies
Source: Author
Rate: 3/5


The residents of Littleville, Pennsylvania are about to meet their new neighbors… 

New to Littleville, the Wexley twins, Matt and Emma assume fitting in at Lincoln High and making new friends will be their biggest worries. They couldn’t be more wrong. Fate would introduce Evan Stone into the neighborhood and all three attempt to navigate the murky labyrinth of eleventh grade but Evan has a secret. His godfather is Dr. G.E. Mitchell, author of Journal of the Undead: A Survivor’s Guide and Evan has been learning about zombies from one of the best. 

With an excellent school system, safe streets, and a strong sense of community, the Philadelphia suburb of Littleville has proudly attracted a diverse blend of people but up until now they’d always been living. When Lincoln High School is overrun by flesh-eating corpses, Evan rescues Emma and they battle their way through the zombies to Matt but fleeing the school doesn’t solve their problems. Friends, enemies, and loved ones are lost in the battle against the undead and the entire town is completely overrun. The true terror unfolds, as the survivors must escape and make the dangerous trek from suburban Philadelphia to the highest mountains of West Virginia with the hope of finding a safe haven at the Stone family cabin. If they can reach the secluded refuge, they just might survive the Littleville Uprising.


I couldn't decide if I should give it 3 or 4 stars. The story felt like I have read or seen something like this before. The writing style was still nice though.
The most annoying thing was the story was too long, like, it felt like it was dragged on extra. Another thing was Emma & Evan, the ups and downs in their relationship was bothering. The misunderstandings were just so ridiculous. Matt, whose Emma's brother was so overprotective. I would be pissed all the time if I had a brother like him. Whitney is again a common character, she is just like the head girl of 'The Plastics'. 
We all know that there's always a mean girls group in books but why repeat the same thing. Anyways, Evan is handsome, protective & very romantic. I was imagining Evan as Percy from Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. XD Emma, all the time thinks that she's not worth this person or that. Emma can be annoying sometimes. I liked the beginning though, it felt like the beginning of a horror movie, to be honest. The 'Zombie Concept' was not very amazing! It was just like another zombie story.
Overall, if you like horror zombie stories then pick this one, but it doesn't have the elements of a page turning book, so it did not hit my heart. I hope there won't be any complaints in the next book!
Happy Reading! <3

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