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Review Rant: Only Human by Maria Bradley

Only Human
Maria Bradley
Release Date: 6, September, 2013
Pages: 152
Genre: Paranormal, Vampires
Source: Author
Rate: 4/5


14 year old Aecia has a secret. She lives in a world where evolution has ensured that VAMPIRES rule, and she is HUMAN! Disguised by her parents and uncle, her life is a macabre theatre production with her as the leading lady. With no friends, she carries this burden alone, until her desperate loneliness creates 'Amica' a blonde, blue-eyed and carefree human friend whom she writes to in her diary. When she becomes involved with a real friend 'Garok' her life takes a disastrous turn for the worst, but as her terrifying fears are realised she discovers that maybe she is not alone, and as each calamitous morsel of her life explodes into chaos, she finds that her own birth has been the catalyst to events that will shake the foundations of the tyrannous vampire world forever!


Only Human is book 1 in Only Human series by Maria Bradley. I have reviewed her debut novel, Four's A Crowd and you can read its review here! I really liked Four's A Crowd so I couldn't wait to get my eyes on this book. I am very excited to share the review with you!
Only Human starts off with suspense. Aecia is a human living in a place where only vampires reside. Aecia is a fake vampire, meaning that, she wears contact lenses, fake fangs and whitener on her body when she's outside, because if any vampire found out that she's not a vampire, her blood will be drained off. But Aecia doesn't know that the danger is just 1 inch away from her.
Only Human described the story of Aecia in a very detailed way. We also get to know more about different humans, who have hidden themselves from the vampire society. Aecia runs off to a place where some clones (humans) live. Aecia's uncle helped Aecia and the clones so much although he was a vampire. 
I was a fan of Garok and Aecia's relationship until Garok does a great mistake! The beginning of the book showed how Aecia and Garok were an amazing couple, which was swoon-worthy. But this duo breaks up when Garok tells a vampire that Aecia's a human. Their break up was just so.. you know tears and stuff. Garok is himself a human like Aecia and it was amazing to see two humans falling in love. Can you imagine that you're a human living with a vampire family and studying in a vampire school where you have to drink blood (Ugh!!).
Aecia becomes more courageous as days pass and then that disembodied voice. The disembodied voice was a total mystery until the end. 
Again, I enjoyed another Vampire book (and this one was totalllaayyy unique). I have read many vampire books and they are mostly romance but I've never read anything like this before. My only complain with the book was that the pacing was very slow. 
Overall, Only Human was just incredible. Maria Bradley has written an interesting plot. We are left with a cliffhanger at the end so I'm totally excited to read book 2. I think vampire lovers will love it! Don't forget to share your opinions!
Happy Reading! <3

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