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Blog Tour | A Quarrel Called Called by Shannon Wendtland: Review & Giveaway

A Quarrel Called (Stewards of the Plane #1)

by Shannon Wendtland

Publisher: a Crossed Arrows Title
Release Date: June 20th 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Rate: 3/5


The Sage, The Guardian, The Lantern, The Light – together we four are Stewards of the Plane, a Quarrel.

G. is the Guardian; he’s developed a strong protective instinct and a kickass sword of light that can chase away the baddies like nobody’s business.

Sam is the Lantern; his dreams shed light on possible futures – he’s always had dreams, but now he sees where we’re going and how far, and it scares the crap out of him. 

Tara is the Sage; as our resident mystic, she can commune with the Akashic records: the big data warehouse in the sky. She can get information on anywhere, anywhen, if only she can learn to ask the right questions. 

And me, I’m Melody, I’m the Light. I can channel the earth’s energy and according to Gramps, I can stabilize a vortex. It’s a good thing, too, or else we would be in a lot of trouble.

Before the summer started, we were a bunch of normal teenagers getting ready for our senior year in high school. By the time summer was over, we’d fought and won battles, lost friends and saved the world (except for that time when we made it worse). 

This is our story. We wrote it all down; that way when it happens to you, when you're called to be a Steward of the Plane - a member of a quarrel, you'll know what to do. 

**This book is told in first person from four alternating character viewpoints.

First, how beautiful is this cover! *Moment of silence*! *sigh* I NEED the physical copy so bad! :(
This story revolves around Melody and her dead brother, Matthew. After Matthew's death Melody starts getting strange signs, like her brother's calling her for help. Together with her three best friends, she decides to solve the mystery, but in doing so they discover their real identity. Nothing is same anymore..
This story was not complicated and was very easy to understand. It is a blend of friendship, family, love, betrayel and magic. The way the author has written the story, it feels like we are physically present at that moment. The story will leave you speechless at different twists and turns. There were so many cheesy dialogues exchanged between G and Tara *swoons*. I loved the characters of G and Tara the most. G and Tara were very supportive and their dialogues were so funny many times. Sam is also the hot shot and his relationship with Lilly was Fifty Shades (JK XD). Lilly is very intriguing and extremely witty.
If you like books with witty characters, amazing dialogues, twists and turns and romance that will make you swoon this book is for you. I recommend this book to fantasy readers STRONGLY!
Happy Reading! <3

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Shannon is a wife, mother, writer, database administrator and general pot-stirrer-turned-mystic. A Quarrel Called will be her first book in print.

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