Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Review Rant: The Great Succession Crisis by Laurel A. Rockefeller

The Great Succession Crisis
Laurel A. Rockefeller
Release Date: 2, July, 2015
Pages: 158
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Source: Author
Rate: 2/5

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


She never wanted to be a political pawn. She only wanted to succeed her mother on the throne. 
Now more than just the Gurun dynasty is in danger as rival houses conspire to take the throne -- at any price. Will Princess Anlei survive the Great Succession Crisis? 
Part one of the Legacy of Princess Anlei trilogy.


There were loads of 5 and 4 stars rantings of this book on Goodreads... It seemed like every person was loving it  and I thought I'd love it too. So i started it, totally excited. I only knew that like the series novellas, it will be sci-fi too. Considering, how I liked The Poisoned Ground, I was totally excited.
After finishing 50% of the book I was like 'duh'... I should have stopped earlier because there was nothing interesting.... It's about Princess Anlei's royal life. She is in love with a knight, and the whole story was just focused on them too. Then there were some extra erotica scenes... The whole story was VERY confusing and boring! Princess Anlei was a nice character. I don't like books that doesn't have the quality of making the reader indulged.
I liked the fact that the story was quite unique. Although there were many confusing parts, still we don't get to read stories like these. Princess Anlei has to finsh The Great Succession Crisis by giving birth so that their future can be protected!? See I totally didn't found it interesting. The story is set in future and totally unique. Only I was interested about the Knight's relationship with Anlei. The two were perfect. But still Anlei was confused if she loved him. Seriously the whole story was just 'Make her pregnant'.
The book never even started with suspense, even at the middle of the story, there was nothing. As mentioned, I was just interested in the fact that who Anlei will end up with. Maybe because I finally found this as the main point of the book! I'm sad that I didn't enjoy the book like others.
Happy Reading! <3

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