Sunday, 22 May 2016

In The Life Of VB #1

Hey guys! Haniya here! Welcome to Voracious Bookling! For those of you who are confused with the name change, I have already explained everything in my last post! Check that out before you read this post!

Ok! So.. In The Life Of VB is kinda like a weekly post in which I will post about how has been my boring life throughout the whole week! Yeah.. thousands of people do these kind of posts and I leggit love them! I will also try to do these weekly posts on every Sunday from now on! Ahhh.. this is a great way to get out of a blogging slump because let's admit it just writing reviews and publishing them on your blog is pure boring af! So here's my first In The Life Of VB post! Enjoy it and let me know if you want some more things from the blog? Any ideas?

First amazing thing that happened was that I actually said Goodbye to my exams this week on Tuesday! Yassss! Goodbye 11th grade! 12th grade here I come! I have heard that 12th grade's zoology is extremely interesting as it will have loads of informative topics related to humans! Thank God! Goodbye Frog! I leggit can't wait to start my new year which I will obviously be starting after vacations (from august)!

Second thing that happened was that I officially am back to book blogging! I can't wait to start interacting again! Love ya book bloggers! 😘😘

Third amazing thing is that I have also started to step up my bookstagram game (I'm still a novice but whatever)! If you guys haven't followed me yet, then don't be shy and follow me on my insta, @voraciousbookling ! I'm trying to be consistent there! Plus don't forget to leave your bookstagram accounts in the comments! I'll make that button green! 😉

Fourth thing is that do you guys wash your face? Obviously you do! Do you guys have a specific skin care routine? I have one after loads of researching! I'm a sufferer of really bad acne as I'm 16 and going through that hormonal stage of my life! If you are one of those acne people then please stop wasting money on products and go to some high time dermatologist! Trust me she/he is YOUR saviour! I used to wash my face a lot and and try loads of acne face washes but trust me none worked! 😑 Finally my mum took me to a dermatologist and then I took her prescribed medicines and applied lotions and creams for 3 months and I AM NOW A PROUD ACNE FREE PERSON! Dermatologists rock TBH! So talking about my Skin Care Routine I'm a Clean & Clear girl! I use Clean & Clear Morning burst facewash, then after that Clean & Clear Toner, then Clean & Clear moisturizer for oily skin! That's it! This skin routine is my bae! I follow these 3 steps both morning and night! Plus if you guys use makeup then please wash it off with some coconut oil or olive oil or makeup wipes etc... because not taking your makeup off before sleeping results in the form of acne! 😣 I hate taking my makeup off! 😭😭 I'm lazy!

Fifth random thing: My best friend and I decided to meet up after 1 year at Dunkin Donuts but we couldn't go as her father couldn't drop her! He had to go somewhere else! 😩 So better luck next week! I'll post the pics on the blog of what we ate and drank if we ever went next week! (This sounds... so... awkward) 😕😂

Sixth Random thing: I'm planing to participate in's instagram 15 day challenge! I have never participated in a challenge before and this is something that I think will motivate me to get my lazy butt up and take pictures! Again hit me up with instagram accounts down in the comments! :)

So that's it! Did you enjoy my post? Should I do more like these? And QOTW: How has YOUR week been? Hit me up in the comments! (I say hit me up a lot 😂 not in real life though I don't speak english) 

Happy Reading!

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