Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dark Room by Tom Becker

Release Date: 10, September, 2015
Pages: 400
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Stripes Publishing
Source: NetGalley
Rate: 3/5


When Darla and her feckless dad, Hopper, move to Saffron Hills, Darla hopes it'll be a new start for the both of them. But she stands no chance of fitting in with the image-obsessed in-crowd at her new school. Then one of her classmates is brutally killed when taking a photo of herself. A murder Darla herself predicted in a bloody vision. When more teens die in a similar fashion it appears that a serial killer is on the loose - the 'Selfie Slayer'. Darla alone is convinced that the murderer might not be flesh and blood...


Darla is a poor, and normal faced girl whose always shifting places. Then Darla and her father ends up at a place full of rich people and they manage to get a small abandoned house there. Darla's whole world turns upside down when she meets Sasha and Frank. They are total rich and opposite people, Sasha is a goth and Frank is a nerd. When one of the contestants of the beauty pageant competition gets murdered, Darla starts seeing visions. Darla realizes that there is someone sinister behind this murder, and that someone is killing the most beautiful contestants of the beauty pageant competition one by one.
One of the great things about this book is the character building. I loved how Darla became so confident. Sasha is the cheerleader of the trio. Frank is the tail of Sasha. Although the pace of the novel is fast, the suspense will kill you. There are so many scenes where you'll be like maybe he or she is the one... I was literally pin pointing every character.
Anyways I wanted to know more about those rich beautiful kids. There was not much background story. Plus there were no relationships. I needed at least one romantic couple. Darla was worth a handsome guy. The plot is super cool but I needed romance and some background story.
Overall an amazing thriller and recommended to those who enjoy suspense filled thrillers. You'll have nightmares.
Happy Reading! <3

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