Sunday, 9 August 2015

ARC Review: TRUE by Laney McMann

Series: Fire Born, #3
Predecessor: TORN
Release Date: September, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Mythology
Publisher: Jagged Lane Books
Source: Author
Rate: 4/5


Nothing in Layla and Max's world will ever be the same. 
Since Max left, and joined his father in the Shadow Realm, everything in Layla's life has changed. The Demon Gods threaten to destroy the Otherworld, and an inconceivable darkness has awakened—a darkness that wants control of Layla's will. It also wants Max ... dead. Not only must Layla face the true fire simmering inside her, but fight the one she loves most. And this time, with her friends and family left behind, she's completely on her own. 
Leaving Layla nearly destroyed Max, but it was his only choice. Now, he must play the part—stay in control of his end goal, his actions, and the poison coursing through his veins, clouding his thoughts, and turning him into what he fears most, a Demon God. But even with his Oghams fighting the toxins, his control is slipping. Living in the Fomore castle with his Vampyre Fae ex-girlfriend isn't making it any easier to stay sane, and waiting to face off against Layla is taking its toll.
In the final installment of the Fire Born Novels trilogy, the legendary Battle will be fought, and Layla and Max stand to lose everything. How far will they go to save each other and protect the ones they love? Even they don't know the answer. No one can win.
From the ashes of old,They shall rise.The last of the Ancients,Foe and Ally.The Legend lies in wait,And bides its time.Until at last the day comes,For the children born of fire.


I know I have said this in my first two reviews of this series that Laney McMann is one of my favourite authors ever since I have started the Fire Born trilogy... After reading her first book I was like why isn't she famous! People need to READ her books! I'm totally loving this trilogy! TRUE is the last book and I am darn sad beacuse this trilogy was so special to me!
TRUE had more focus on action this time. The world and character building was on point and the writing style was insane. And Max!!!!! (So much devoted to his girl!!) I enjoyed the last book a lot. There were so many exciting scenes! What I was like while reading the last pages: Stomach in knots, body sweating, fingers crossed, praying in the head, whispering for someone to get alive, wishing for someone's death! Laney McMann did this to me with the way she has written the last pages and I LOVED it!
And obviously where there are Layla & Max, there is always that sweet romance! Their relationship was seriously strong this times and they didn't care for anything although their relationship was super duper tensed. Max has tried resisting Layla before but obviously he failed! There was this little negative thought in my head that one of my favourite characters would die (*sobs)! Layla and Max's chemistry was speechless and I loved how they struggled to be together again. 
Another beautiful quality of TRUE is that it doesn't just focus on romance, there is so much magical action that you'll find yourself engulfed in the book. There was so much character building which is one of my favourite aspects of a perfect novel.
Overall, I totally fell in love with TRUE! Laney has written this story so uniquely. There were so many POVs, so that's another reason why I felt connected to all the main characters plus the pace was fast too! I don't know if you have read Laney McMann's books but you need to check out this trilogy! There is maybe going to be a Fire Born novella so I'm way too much..... excited! Have you read the Fire Born trilogy? What was your favourite book in this series? Comment below! And don't forget to subscribe to my blog!
Happy Reading! <3

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