Saturday, 11 July 2015

Vera's Song by Natalie Erin

Series: Creatures Of The Lands, #2
Predecessor: Kiatana's Journey
Release Date: 10, july, 2015
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing
Source: Publisher
Rate: 4.5/5


Five years have passed since the battle for the Verinian Forest. Kia, Keota, the wolves and Ionan have been living peacefully since, though things aren't as happy as they appear. Ionan longs for the shores of Nesting's Haven, the isle of Changers that he left long ago, and the eyes of his first love, Vera. 

Things are turned upside down when Vera arrives, claiming to have left her abusive Accompany. Almost immediately after Kia's young son Kennu and his Changer Allie go missing. Allie and Kennu have been kidnapped by an evil mastermind hellbent on taking total control of the Lands and all that surrounds them. But there’s a twist this time, as the foe is one they not only know well, but fear, because his powers are beyond all imagining and his cunning is enough to outwit them all. 

Our heroes are left with no order to bring back the children they love, one of them must be sacrificed. Kiatana and her friends will discover that their previous battles are nothing compared to the upcoming war, and what they’ve lost so far is in no way equal to the danger brewing on the horizon...


Kennu and Allie have now been kidnapped, and Keota, Kia and Ionan are striving to find them. Kennu and Allie and some pups have been kidnapped by Wyntier. With Wyntier's return, everything is in chaos and Wyntier is planing to somehow rule the Lands.
Vera's Song is a really enjoyable and adventurous read. There is adventure, yes so much, which is basically the reason why I loved this book. Kia and Keota have to find their kid, Kennu. They meet some new creatures on their journey. But with Wyntier and his wife, who is also Kia's sister,... will they be able to rule the Lands? And what will happen to Allie and Kennu?
The writing quality of the author has become better than the last book and you will immediately get sucked in to the book. Vera's Song is about love, family, loss, sacrifices and friendships. The story had some heart-aching scenes too. There were so many new amazing characters. My most favorite characters were Allie and Kennu.
Overall, this book is highly recommended to fantasy readers, as this story is filled with the most amazing adventures and mystical creatures.
Happy Reading! <3

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