Monday, 1 June 2015

The Fury & The Reunion by L.J. Smith

Series: The Vampire Diaries, #2
Release Date: 26, Decembe, 2007
Pages: 520
Genre: Romance, Horror
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 9780061140983

Rate: 5/5



Elena: transformed, the golden girl has become what she once feared and desired.
Stefan: tormented by losing Elena, he's determined to end his feud with Damon once and for all - whatever the cost. But slowly he begins to realize that his brother is not his only enemy.
Damon: at last, he possesses Elena. But will his thirst for revenge against Stefan poison his triumph? Or can they come together to face one final battle?
Collected here in one edition are the third and fourth volumes of The Vampire Diaries, a riveting conclusion to the tale of two vampire brothers and the beautiful girl torn between them.


After reading this book.. I am dying to meet the author. The book 3 and 4, The Fury & The Reunion is about 'Can anyone make Elena alive please? This story is wayyyy too unique from the book 1 and 2. L.J. Smith blew off my mind!
I am still shipping Delena, dunno why. Damon is very different from Stefan, very very. He is powerful, cruel and helps in a way that no one notices. Oh! And Elena is DEAD! She becomes and Angel, and then a what? And then what? Thank God, she wasn't stubborn in book 3 and 4. The series has taken a revolution in this volume.
Elena is dead and there is a deadly thing after Fell's Church. The ending is full of action and suspense. And again the DIALOGUES of Damon!! The Fury & The Reunion is a must read. Really happy with the ending!!
Happy Reading! <3

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