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Scarlet Magi by Nicole Zoltack

Series: Heroes Of Falledge, #3
Predecessor: White Hellebore
Release Date: 30, September, 2014
S.R.P: $11.99 (Paperback), $4.99 (Kindle)
Pages: 252
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1612526706
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Source: Author
Rate: 4/5


Nicholas Adams, the Black Hellebore, has lost his powers, and now, Falledge needs a new superhero – or superheroine – to save the day. 

Enter Justina Paige. Courtesy of Gavina the witch, Justina has a second chance at life. While Justina struggles to master her new magical abilities and tries to move on from Nicholas, she soon realizes that gruesome murders are the result of a twisted super villain, plus Gavina had an enemy who seeks her blood and is far stronger than Justina can hope to face and survive. 

With the help of a hot newspaper writer and a male witch who Justina, and Gavina before her, is attracted to, Justina does everything she can to try to save the day even as she grows closer to the two men. If she fails, her friends and loved ones may die. She might too. And then all of Falledge will be destroyed.


Scarlet Magi is the third and last book in Nicole Zoltack's Heroes Of Falledge series. I really loved the first book of the series, the second book was a disappointment but still I had high hopes from this book.
Scarlet Magi starts directly from where White Hellebore ended. The three main people this time were Justina, Hawthorne and Atilius. Scarlet Magi was unputdownable because everything was so different now. Nicole Zoltack has truly done her best on this epic finale. Atilius is after Justina, because Justina is inside Gavina's body, so to everyone, she is Gavina, but in reality, she is Justina. I loved the whole Gavina/Justina and Atilius twist!
The second book, White Hellebore was really boring, and it was very unexpected for me, as Nicole is a very good author. The good thing Nicole did was keeping Julianna and Nicholas less in the book. I was so happy to see Justina back again alive, I didn't really wanted her to be alive until the final book changed my mind. This time catching Skull-Krusher-sorta-another-type-creature, Izzy was easy, Thank God. I really want a fourth book! The addition of Devlin, Hawthorne and Atilius was the best thing Nicole Zoltack did! I love it when authors produce a sudden twist with another hella amazing journey in each book of a series.
I felt really bad while writing the review of the second book, but everything totally changed. The love between Justina and Hawthorne was everything. I really want to reveal the ending of the book to you guys but I also want to keep the review a NON-SPOILER! The romance between Justina and Hawthorne was produced really late! I really wanted to read more about their relationship. I felt bad for Justina, because her ex was marrying her sister, while he loved her at the same time but not as much as his love for Julianna!
So, the ending was exactly how I wanted it to be! The book is filled with so many twists and turns. As for the fourth book (not confirmed) Nicole Zoltack said, " For right now, Scarlet Magi is the last one, but I won't say I won't return to that world and write more later on down the road." Have you read the Scarlet Magi? Which book in the trilogy did you love the most? Answer me in the comments!
Happy Reading! <3

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