Monday, 15 June 2015

ARC Review: The Deathsniffer's Assistant by Kate McIntyre

Release Date: 13, July, 2015
Pages: 421
Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction 
ISBN: 978-1620079096
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Source: Publisher
Rate: 4.5/5


The Deathsniffer’s Assistant is a fantasy novel with a unique pseudo-Edwardian setting and a murder mystery twist that will appeal to fans of Gail Carriger, N.K. Jemisin, and Elizabeth Bear’s New Amsterdam series. What’s not to love about floating castles, eccentric lady detectives, and a protagonist who judges everyone by the quality of their shoes!
After losing his parents in the Floating Castle Incident, the sensitive and mannered Chris Buckley has spent six years raising his magically talented little sister, Rosemary, on the savings that his once-wealthy family left behind. But that money is drying up, and Chris finds himself with no choice but to seek out work in Darrington City as it spirals into a depression. The only employer willing to consider his empty résumé is Olivia Faraday, the manic Deathsniffer. Olivia’s special magical gift gives her a heightened intuition which makes her invaluable in hunting down murderers.
When a Duchess of the mysterious Old Blooded Nobility calls on Olivia to solve the mystery of her dead husband, Chris finds himself tangled in Olivia Faraday’s daily life and unable to extract himself from the macabre questions of the investigation. His involvement grows more complicated as political forces in Darrington close around Rosemary, seeing her as a tool that can be used to end the depression at the cost of her freedom—or even her life. Chris must juggle the question of who killed Viktor val Daren with the responsibility of keeping Rosemary and her magic safe from those who would use her up and toss her aside. Worst of all, he begins to learn that the national disaster that took his parents’ lives may not have been the accident it seemed.
Set in a world very similar to 1900s London, The Deathsniffer’s Assistant combines the investigative murder mystery with a tale of personal and societal redemption. It is about the relationships between broken people who clash more often than not, but manage to shape and learn from one another in spite of this. The story is told from the perspective of Christopher Buckley, young and impressionable and influenced by the prejudices of his time, as he finds himself surrounded by a cast of exceptional women whose differing characters will slowly reconstruct his understanding of strength in others—and in himself.


The Deathsniffer's Assistant is a stand-alone by Kate McIntyre. This book is the most amazing book that I have ever read in the genre of 'crime and mystery'! The Deathsniffer's Assistant focuses on Deathsniffers, Truthsniffers, Timeseers, faceshifters, and a murder case. The novel totally absorbs you and will make time quickly fly by, I am in love with this book.
There is a huge mysterious murder case and personally I LOVE books that have murder cases! Although there are many amazing characters, my most favourite was Christopher! Christopher is a total charming man and the 'Olivia & Christopher' relationship was so adorable. The chemistry of this couple (ahem... they are not love birds!) was a killer! Their relationship became stronger as the novel progressed and they were like just perfect!
Aside from this relationship, I loved another relationship. The relationship between Christopher and his sister, Rosemary was so sweet. Christopher is like a guardian angel to Rosemary as he will do anything to protect her. I also loved the character of Rosemary's nanny, Miss Albany. Miss Albany is just like a mother to Rosemary!
The ending of the book made me happy and sad both *sobs* I wish I could tell you the ending but spoilers are a NO! The ending was just teensy bit sad... but the teensy bit sad was for the good!
Overall, I couldn't put down The Deathsniffer's Assistant. The story sucks you in and then you just can't get yourself out from the trance! I really want a book 2! Let me know your opinions when you read The Deathsniffer's Assistant! Don't forget to share your opinions about the Olivia & Christopher realtionship too! Answer me in the comments and also don't forget to subscribe to my blog here!
Happy Reading! <3

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