Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kurt Kramer (Book 2) by Mike Wells

The last book had a cliffhanger ending which I am obviously not gonna reveal... Surprisingly this book was so awesome that I was speechless at the end... So, Kurt is no one knows where.. Art and Roger are trying to find him, but Kurt is still communicating with them through different ways like thought laptop and with minds. Two policemen Segundo and his partner are suspicious about the object. They want to the object from Kurt's family. Segundo tells them that every object found on the beach of Aruba belongs to Government of Aruba.
If Kurt's family give the object to the policemen they will take it straight to Amsterdam, where the object will be dissected like a cockroach by the scientists and Kurt will be stuck forever. Out of guilty, Mitch tries to suicide at the beach, but Kurt contacts Rachel through his mind and warns her about Mitch. Dr.Kramer and Rachel save Mitch in time. But when they return they see Segundo and partner taking the object. Dr.Kramer tells Rachel to follow the men while he takes Mitch inside.
Rachel follows them, and it turns out Roger has betrayed them. He had permitted the policemen to take the object, on the condition, that he will also participate with the other scientists, in the research on this object. Rachel plays some chicanery and drives the jeep with the object towards home, with the police chasing her like wild dogs.
Will she be able to save Kurt? Can she reach at time? They just need a miracle...

GENRE: Sci-fi, Mystery

Mike Wells is an American bestselling author of over 20 thriller and suspense novels, including Lust, Money & Murder and Passion, Power & Sin. He us also known for his young adult books, such as The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kurt Kramer, The Wrong Side of the Tracks, and Wild Child, which are used by English teachers in high schools and colleges worldwide. Formerly a screenwriter, Wells has a fast-paced, cinematic writing style.

This book truly touched my heart. Wells has done more awesome job on the second book. I loved the ending which I am not gonna reveal. The way Wells has shown Rachel's struggles and sacrifices for Kurt, and specially the twists and turns blew me off. This book was truly cinematic. You all should read these two books..

RATE: 5/5

"An exciting and amazingly speechless read! Rachel is definitely the strong and sharp character I love. I was lost for words at the end."

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