Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lynar Ryce, Soul Searcher (#2 The Sheol Legacies) by M J Rutter

The book 2 starts from where book 1 ended, as I told you book 1 has a cliffhanger ending. So, Lunar is still collecting souls to strengthen the veil of Sheol and to get rid of demons. But now, problems are much bigger. The seed of love between Elias and Lunar has burst up resulting in tension. Elias is afraid that if he loved Lunar (again mentioning that love is forbidden in Sheol) her fate will be in danger. She could be a shadow roaming in Sheol like Annabella (his love whom he lost as they were in love and they both were punished).
Scott has already betrayed Lunar and is now fighting against her with demons. There is a new addition Harpies. Harpies are creatures with body like a female and wings and stuff. They are from Underworld and their bite is poisonous. Lunar receives a bite from a harpy resulting in an extremely injured leg but thanks to Jaxon, his tip works and Lunar's wound gets better. Unfortunately Jaxon gets eaten up by a harpy and no one knows if he is dead or alive.
Lunar gets the news that Jaxon is alive but captured by Charon from underworld. Charon has given her a task, to get his ring and necklace from Scott if she want to save Jaxon. But if she wants to save Jaxon, she will have to make the greatest choice ever...
Too much problems for a seventeen years old eh?

Be positive.

Fantasy, Romance

M J Rutter grew up in the seaside town of Bournemouth, Dorset on the south coast of England. She currently lives with her husband and two children in Poole, Dorset. After studying at the New Hampshire Art Institute in 1997, while working as a nanny in America, she returned to the UK and has lived there since. Other work includes Shadows Lost, I, Immortal Series, Book One and Summer Rain all through Itoh Press Publishers and are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

So everything was great from start to the end. Again a cliffhanger ending due to which I am longing to read the third book Soul Saviour. Lunar is more powerful with Elias protecting her. Love is in the air. And the burden is increasing on Lunar's shoulder. This book was awesome!!

RATE: 4.9/5

"The details of the complicated, troubled world is written very well with an unique imagination. This second book of the series is really addictive, with some action scenes and steamy romance. The cliffhanger is so full of suspense that every one will want to get their hands on the third book. Fiction readers will love it."

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