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Tail Of The Devil by Danielle DeVor

This book is all about Mathias Dravar, an orphan and will-be-made-into-a-vampire. Mathias is a normal human being whose family has died in a car crash. Now he has to live with her cruel aunt who give her lots of work and her children threaten him by beating him. One day he finds the path of out of his aunt's home. With the small amount of money which he steals from her aunt, he travels to New York. There he meets Lucretia.
Lucretia gives him a place to stay. They starts to live together until Nic kills her and he runs away. He starts wandering for a job when suddenly someone shoots him, with a stinging pain in his neck. When he wakes up he finds himself in a hospital room. Vlad, a vampire, tells Mathis that he is now a vampire. Mathias obviously gets a shock. Vlad starts to introduce him to the world of vampires. Due to Mathias's abusive language he has to be home tutored, so he can't study at The University, an institution for vampires from all races.
The biggest twist arrives when he gets to know about dead King Mathias Dravar. King Mathias had been tortured brutally by his own mother, Queen Lilith due to misunderstanding, in a dungeon. Seriously the torture described gave me chills. King Mathias dug and found the path to Lilith's garden where his step brother, Stuart promised that he won't tell anyone that he is here. But, sadly King Mathias died there. Everyone including the Order of the Dragon (Government) believe that young Mathias is the reincarnation of dead King Mathias Dravar.
With the arrival of Mathias , Lilith is again after Mathias and wants to kill him again, while Vlad (best friend of King Mathias), Nosferatu (Half bat and brother and best friend of King Mathias) and Stuart (step brother of King Mathias) are doing their best to stop the plan as they don't want to lose Mathias for the second time. A test is held by the government and the Queen will fight Mathias. Queen is awesome with fighting and is a really difficult creature to defeat.
The two things in mind of Mathias are to kill the Queen for the sake of everyone and kill Nic for Lucretia.
Now, will Mathias survive the test? Will he kill Nic? Or the Queen will rule with her chicanery?

"Believe in yourself."

Fantasy, Adventure, Action.

Danielle DeVor spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching ‚'Salem’s Lot' way too many times. After living briefly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she moved back to her hometown, Morgantown, WV, to write.  When not writing and reading about vampires, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino.  Visit her at:

"Amazing author DeVor tells the story of full of debacles orphan teenage boy who has to overcome his fears to defeat his enemy for the land and for himself. An exciting, interesting journey to the lands of Lilitu which is just unforgettable."

This story has a great concept. When I read about Lilith, I was like she is such mendacious and flippant. While for Mathias, my favourite, a perfect character who never gave up when he knew the fact that he will die. I loved the style of writing which is another reason why I enjoyed the book. Thumbs up to DeVor for a devil novel.
I would recommend this book to all vampire, action and adventure lovers.

RATE: 4.7/5

"You're riding on the tail of devil, boy. And you don't even know it."

Published by Eirelander Publishing.

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