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Lunar Ryce, Soul Collector (#1 The Sheol Legacies) by M J Rutter

So, Lunar Ryce is the protagonist which you must have guessed because of the title of the book. First, about her life, Lunar's parents are dead and her grandmother Delly (Soul collector) lives with her and her elder sister, Michaela aka Mika. But then her grandmother dies. Now she is alone with her sister Mika. Mika is going with her friend for vacations and Lunar will have to stay with her some cousin Syrus, whom she doesn't know about. Every one calls Lunar loony at school because they think that her family is related to witchcraft, due to which she has no friends. She has just two friends Jaxon (Angel) and Stella (Protector).
Scott Wilkinson (Demon) proposes Lunar and she instantly falls in love with him. Syrus arrives and breaks out to her about her reality that she is a soul collector and that she belongs to Sheol, and her amber pendant that her grandmother has given her is the key of collecting. He elucidate her that the walls of Sheol is in danger and Lord Noradious wants her as she is the Supreme Being and is important to Sheol.
She finally agrees to be a soul collector after Jaxon and Scott breakup with her. Demons are after Sheol and if the walls of Sheol broke all the souls and God knows what creatures will breakout from Hell to Earth which will be chaos. Only Lunar can save Sheol. In order to save Sheol she travels to Innerim with Elias and Elijah (both hunters) to get the Zolcan Crystal. Lunar also has to collect lots of souls for Sheol's energy. Meanwhile the seed of love is growing between Elias and Lunar and Elias is afraid because love is forbidden in Sheol.
Now will she succeed? Will she able to collect enough souls and strengthen the walls of Sheol?

"Move on with life and don't look back at what happened."


M J Rutter grew up in the seaside town of Bournemouth, Dorset on the south coast of England. She currently lives with her husband and two children in Poole, Dorset. After studying at the New Hampshire Art Institute in 1997, while working as a nanny in America, she returned to the UK and has lived there since. Other work includes Shadows Lost, I, Immortal Series, Book One and Summer Rain all through Itoh Press Publishers and are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.
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I loved the book 1 of The Sheol Legacies. And yes it has a cliffhanger ending. This story is unique. We don't get the old 'this supreme being guy is going to rescue a girl' but in this book its girl power. Actually Rutter has done an awesome job. I loved the character Lunar. I need to read the book 2 quickly! Go get lost with Lunar to Sheol!
I recommend it to all fantasy book lovers. Happy Reading!

RATE: 4.9/5

"Amazing... Rutter has written a page turning book."

"In all honesty we are not sure what will happen, Sheol is weak, the energy levels are dangerously low, but we waited a long time for you to join us."

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