Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Interview with Author Tyffani Clark Kemp

Today we have a very talented fun filled author Tyffani Clark Kemp. I took her interview and asked all questions that came up in my mind. Enjoy.

1. Full name.
Tyffani Clark Kemp

2. Qualification.
I have been writing/studying writing since I was 11. I have been publishing since 2012.

3. Favourite Color.

4. Favourite Song.
Him...I don't know if I have a favorite right now. I'm really into Japanese Rock though. Gackt is my favorite.

5. Favourite Sport.
I'm not much into sports. Winter sports.

6. Favourite Book.
A Long, Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott.

7. Biggest strength.
I have no idea...

8. Biggest Weakness.
I panic easily. I also catch an attitude easily. I am a bit sensitive.

9. Craziest Fantasy.
I want to rule the world. Also, I'd like a man harem of the six most beautiful men on the earth. I'm working on both of these.

10. Describe yourself in 5 words.
I am a hot mess. =D

11. What did you aspire to become in your childhood.
A vet or an author.

12. Where did you get your education from.
I graduated from my high school in Tampa, Fl. I dropped out of college twice and film school once.

13. What made you come to the writing Field.
I've always loved reading and writing. It was pretty much a given from day one.

14. How many books have you written so far. Please mention their names.
Oh Lord. You want me to name them all? I have twelve. Scorned, Hunted, Conquered; The Man Without Rules, The Red Wife, The Power Couple; Beast Within and Beast Anew; Shaggy Maggie, Harvey's Hummin'bird, For Christmas' Sake: The Naughty Edition and For Christmas' Sake: The Nice Edition

15. Please give a review of your latest book.
My latest is The Power Couple. It's the last book in the Without Rules series that follows Sebastian and Mariss as the struggle to find the parameters of their unconventional relationship.

16. How can your fans contact you and people who read your work, how can they reach you.
Facebook at facebook.com/authorclarkkemp, my website tyffanickemp.com and email me at Tyffani.C.Kemp@gmail.com

17. Do you think cover plays an important role for the book.
Yes. Your cover is what people see first, before they read the blurb. If your cover isn't eye catching, you will never get anyone to pick up your book and read the back.

18. Have you ever got a writers block and if yes then what did you do.
Oh yeah. I'm in one right now. It's usually caused by stress or over thinking. Currently, I am VERY stressed. lol I take a step back, do something else. Sometimes it is resolved within a few hours. Other times, like now, it takes a few weeks to a couple months to get over. It happens. It just means you need to take care of yourself better.

19. Which two authors would you love writing with.
I honestly don't think I would be any good at collaborating. I've tried it a few times, but I want too much control of my story.

Thank you Tyffani for giving your time for the interview. Please let me know which author you want me to interview and I'll try to catch them. Happy Reading.

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