Friday, 30 May 2014

My crazy Day!


Hi! Haniya here! First i'll introduce myself to you! I am 14 in 10th grade! Going to be my last year! Seriously gonna miss it! Well I am a fully devoted girl to reading and writing! Loves to take selfies! Eat pizza! Divergent! Divergent! Just Divergent! Just in the love of books! i made a twitter account named TeenBookClub3! you can follow me there and when you'll open my followers list there will be mostly authors! Thats why i love my followers list! And i forgot to mention James Patterson author of alex cross series followed me i was on cloud 9 that day! Now i am trying to get a follow from my all time favorite J.K Rowling! Pray for me cuz i just gave my 9th examinations and i want A+ in my exams so that i can get admitted in Harvard School Of Medicine! Well its really difficult! Well guys like my fb page named Teen Book Club! I regularly post book reviews and status! Ok! So ill publish my true 1st blog tomorrow!


Well if i talk about books i had a passion for them since 2nd grade! My reading has always been excellent! When any one asks me who are you inspired by i always say ME. Cuz i am not inspired by anyone! Its a gift to me from God! Well talking about my fav writers i love James Patterson, J.K Rowling, Veronica Roth and Stephanie Meyer. Fav books are The Big Bad Wolf, Harry Potter series, Divergent, Twilight and i am not being childish but seriously i love Famous Five series!


Again i think i am not boasting i think that.... i can write really well like my things get published on sites and newspapers and magazines! From sites i remembered guys please pray for my victory in the article competition organized by VShine magazine! May God help me! Ameen! Well i wrote my first story at the age of seven it was about two sisters that went on an adventure to find just two marbles that were very expensive and made them rich! I always laugh at my childish story! LOL! :D 


Today is my first day on And i am lil bit nervous dunno why? And after one year i atlast went to our school's summer fun party. I enjoyed a lot. We had pizza! Danced a lot! BOOM BOOM Party Blower! But sadly our snow spray got lost :( Well every one enjoyed at their fullest! 


My next topic will me about books! Hope you'll enjoy my blogs! I am 14! Cloud 9! Bye! 


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