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The VB Chats: Farhina @ She Loves To Read

Farhina is just another dedicated bookworm in her early 20s. She's a Pakistani book blogger & bookstgrammer & has just completed her Undergrad. Her bookish shots, rants, random food shots and her reactions to book mail are life!  

Q 1: Tell us something about yourself?

Answer: I always kind of freeze when people ask me that. I also end up saying idk what in rep searches. I find it hard to describe myself. So here goes another lame attempt that won't give you insight into my soul. 😂 I am Farhina. Currently slugging through my twenties. I have a love for reading. It's been there for as long as I can remember. Lately I have found that I have been very conservative towards the genres I read.  I am only into fantasy and contemporary or been reading only these since my late teens. The other I don't really touch and have no interest over. Well yeah these two are my jams. Anyway moving on to myself. I am a big introvert but than I also have a chatty blurting out without a filter side with my friends so blah. But other wise I am such a huge social klutz like awkward to the extreme. Yes very highly digging the hole and burying myself into it awkward. I have a very emotionally charged personality 😂  And mostly people annoy me. I have a side that is self obssessed and another that self doubts 24/7 it's fun being me 😂😌. I have a huge thing for animals. I love them and i wish i could do more about their rights but instead i am a coward who just sits and sit and gets a lot of hurt when she see animals and whats being done to them in the society and but cant do anything. Oh I own a cat. 😂 That slimy fur ball. Haha i love to hug and squeeze him and he of course hates me 😂.  I also love nature , have a loathing relationship with summer but a loving relationship with the other three seasons. I have a huge wanderlust. I hope that once hopefully while I am still young my life and luck will give me the chance to satisfy that need.  So yeah that's me Farhina the weird hooman.

Farhina's Shot

Q 2: How did the idea of bookstagramming come to you?

Answer: I think my first ever post on this account was my birthday haul two years back. I just got home from buying them books for myself and I was really happy and than I just wanted to share. And I had been following people and I wanted to do an aesthetic post so I put a white  sheet background and took a photo and than added a Instagram filter thinking oh i am so snazzy 😂😂 It wasnt a nice picture 😂. Its still there I think :p
So yeah I shared it on this account. I have had this account for quite a while maybe circa 2014 I think. And I basically made it to enter various giveaways I saw on the accounts I followed from my personal account. So I actually don't have a clue what made me choose the username shelovestoread it just was there. And I am so happy with my younger self that she chose this for future me haha. Anyway after posting my birthday haul few months(1.5😋 or 1) later while in ramdhan being bored, I logged into this account and well the need to photograph pulled me and well the journey began and I sort of got obsessed and two years later, ironically in another Ramadan here I am 😌 

Q 3: Your 5 favourite bookstagrammers?


Q 4:Tips for newbie bookstagrammers?

Ah I don't deem myself creditable enough to do this but here goes.
1. Don't try to get everything at once. Its a journey. Slowly build yourself up.
2. Diverse pictures. And post pictures that resonate to you. Not the one you think people might like. Just stay true to who you are.
3. Interact. Do a lot of interaction make friends. Build your community.
4. Be yourself. Show your personality off in your captions, in your stories. That will make people relate to you and like you.
5. Have courage and be kind. Online profiles can take toll on you.

Q 5: Your five favourite book boyfriends?

Answer: In no particular order:
1. August Flynn from This Savage Song
2. Matthias Helvar from Six of Crows 
3. Azriel from A Court of Mist and Fury
4. Josh from Isla And the Happily Ever After
5. Chaol Westfall in Crown of Midnight
Thank you so much for being on the blog Farhina! :) Do check out her blog and specially her instagram! So much eye candy!! * _ * Plus she's an adorable person! ♡ Check her out:


Happy Reading! <3

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