Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Review Rant: Alien Rain by Ruth Morgan

Release Date: 14, April, 2016
Publisher: Firefly Press
Pages: 300
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Giveaway
Rate: 3/5 
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Bree is on a mission. She's trained to fight. But what she really needs to learn to do is listen...

Bree is an ordinary teenage girl living in a Martian city where everyone dreams of returning to Earth. She's never seen a bird fly or the sea or the rain.

She's amazed when she's chosen for a mission to Earth, a rare honour usually reserved for the highest-achieving pupils. Why her?

There are terrible shocks ahead. Who is trying to contact Bree? What are the others not telling her? As she discovers more secrets, she will have to decide who to trust. Whose side is she really on - Home or Earth?


This story revolves around Bree, a girl living in Mars and talented in poetry writing. She gets shocked when she gets selected for a trip to Earth for the Great Mission. She doesn't miss this opportunity and joins her other 3 extremely clever classmates, Robeen, Nisien & Halley. But why is she selected for this mission? She isn't really intelligent. Whose the person in the chair trying to contact her? What's Doc Carter hiding from her? Who should she even trust?
The plot was really slow! Nothing intense or suspenseful but it was really light without any complexity. The writing style of the author is pretty good. I loved the main character, Bree and her determination. All the while she was picking on the device on her head, it hurt me so much. The other characters were very briefly written.
Overall, I enjoyed this light read. It isn't high on action etc but if you want a light action and summery read, I recommend this book.
Happy Reading! <3

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