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Top 3 Books To Inspire Self Care | Guest Post by Cait at BoilerSuitBabe

Hey guys, Cait here from! So glad to be guest posting on Voracious Bookling today. Although I’m not generally a book-y blogger, I do love a good read so I’ve decided to list three of my favourite Self Care inspiring books! Self-care IS something you’ll find a lot of on my blog – I’m very passionate about it! So I figure why not combine the best bits of my blog with the best bits of Haniya’s blog!

So here we go (in no particular order):

Eat Pray Love

I swear you will find this gem on most book blogger’s lists! It’s a semi-fictitious memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert and it’s oh so relatable. This book helped me realise that sitting around in my room feeling sorry for myself is not how I’m going to get happy. For an 18 year old student traveling across the globe isn’t exactly a viable option – there is plenty of lessons to be learnt in Liz’s journey. Whether you’re happy, unhappy, searching for happiness, or just need a book to read, I will always suggest Eat Pray Love.

Radical Self Love

This amazing self-love guide by Gala Darling is just the ULTIMATE feel good book. I love the cute illustrations in it and the easy to navigate chapters. After you’ve read it once through it’s so easy to return to a specific part that you might need. I keep coming back to this one for tips on how to make my day a little better. This book helps you completely reset your brain without you even noticing! It’s from Hay House publishing who publish so many amazing spiritual and positivity focused books – so if that’s your thing you best check them out! Gala also has a blog with tonnes of extra self-love resources and ideas on how to nourish and care for your lovely body!

Light is the new Black

This is another Hay House book! This author is going to do so amazing, she’s called Rebecca Campbell and I’m pretty sure she has another new (or about to be released book) which I’m very excited to get my hands on! This book is all about celebrating your inner feminine and it draws practices from a little bit of everywhere so it’s one of those books everyone can learn something from! The cover of this one is gorgeous – my copy is a pastel rainbow type cover and it’s what initially drew me to the book! Like Radical Self Love, this one is set out in a way that you can read it all at once, or look for what you need when you need it. I love the layout because it saves so much time! It also has tips and ‘homework’ ideas that help you to develop your new lovely self. This one is awesome for kind of spiritual self-care; being kind to others, blocking out negativity, looking on the bright side etc. Whereas Radical Self Love is more about falling in love and caring for your physical body.

All of these books tie in and work so amazingly together! The novel style of Eat Pray Love inspires you to dream about all the things you want to do and the other too help you reach that place! Eat Pray Love is more about how to do things that add to your happiness, like eating good food or learning about new cultures. But if you’re looking for that inner happiness, the other two may be more beneficial! Of course, if you read all three, I can guarantee you shall be glowing with self-love in no time and nourishing your body shall no longer be a chore but a glorious ritual!

Heck, if you’re taking the time to read these books you’re already well on your way to your self-care journey!

Thank you so much for reading this post and thank you to the wonderful Haniya for allowing me to guest post! You can find me on, /boilersuitbabe on Bloglovin’, Pinterest and Facebook or @boilersuitbabe on Twitter and Instagram! I look forward to hearing about how these books help you!

Lots of love,
Cait x

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